Coming Out to Play

October, 2000

The PlayStation 2 promises to solidify Sony’s hold on the $70 billion video game industry. Will it also be the centerpiece for the company’s foray into the Internet?

The PlayStation 2. It is arguably the most eagerly anticipated consumer product ever. Just ask any ardent videogamer—with thumbs twitching and eyes glazed over—who has been counting down the days until the video game console will be unveiled in the United States. For the record, the PlayStation 2, priced just under $400, will go on sale nationwide on October 26th, a day that you may want to avoid the mall or neighborhood electronics store.

The numbers on the PlayStation 2 are already part of electronic legend. While the original PlayStation moved 360,000 animation polygons per second, the 128-bit PlayStation 2 will be able to process them at a dizzying rate of 6 million a second. The end result is a machine that produces graphics that are faster and more detailed than ever before. In addition to the light-speed animation, PlayStation 2 will also be able to play DVD and CD discs.

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David K. Choo