Critchfield Pacific

January, 2015

15-Jan-HB-Critchfield-02“We believe we are the most sustainable mechanical design/build contractor in the state,” says Ron Swenson, President of Critchfield Pacific, Inc. “We design and build commercial and military HVAC systems, and what makes our job so fun is that we get to work with the end users to come up with green, sustainable solutions for their complex facilities.”

The company celebrates 10 years in business this year and has dozens of legacy projects under its belt—including the new work on Kapiolani Medical Center, the Block C project in Kakaako, Ko Olina Beach Villas Resort, the new NOAA facility on Ford Island, and even military installations in Guam. The teams it takes to assemble such projects include professional engineers, project managers, a full detailing department, sheet metal workers, pipefitters, and plumbers.

Critchfield Pacific, Inc. is a leader in co-generation design and construction. Co-generation systems provide power and also produce a free by-product: heat. That by-product can then be applied to heat domestic water systems, provide for many other heating requirements, and chill water at no additional cost. The cost of the electricity is comparable to standard grid costs, however the bonus of free heat leads to impressive efficiencies and cost savings. Take, for example, the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas that Critchfield Pacific, Inc. just recently completed. A micro-turbine co-generation system produces a large part of the resorts day-to-day electricity. The heat from the system, which would normally be wasted, is then harvested to warm the pools, spa, domestic hot water, and provides chilled water for the club house.

Right-sizing is another area of expertise for the company. Wasted energy and materials are averted when scale is carefully understood. “It’s important that systems are designed to be scaled up or back to meet current demands and keep everything running as efficiently as possible,” Swenson notes. “Additionally, when you right-size a project, you enjoy cost savings and the ability to invest in higher quality equipment and materials, since you often need much less than you would with a standard approach.”

The company is poised for growth and ready for its next decade of service. “Mostly, we want to help our customers learn how a smart and sustainable design will save them on long-term costs,” says Swenson. “I truly enjoy spending time with our clients and helping to understand that sustainability is not only cost effective, but ultimately it’s also the right thing to do.”






1814 Kanakanui Street
Honolulu, HI  96819

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