CW Associates, CPAs

April, 2015

15-April-CW-Associates-01For the last two years, CW Associates, CPAs embarked on a mission to develop a strategic plan to become the “Firm of the Future”. Included in the plan is a clearly defined culture statement that is “nonnegotiable” and is the overarching guiding principle that governs the firm’s policies, procedures, practices, and decisions.

“CW Associates, CPAs, is committed to a flexible, supportive work environment based on trusting relationships among all members of our firm that encourages the pursuit of personal interests and the opportunity for professional development while delivering high-quality timely services to clients.
We recognize that family and friends are the foundation for a happy, productive, and committed professional accountant who will be focused, client-friendly, efficient, and effective.”

Our commitment to a supportive work environment is unique to a CPA firm, where many professionals leave this segment of the profession to find balance. We believe it is important to retain these individuals to provide upward mobility and strengthen the firm.

The other initiative that was created as part of this soul-searching was the creation of the “Associates Council”.

The partners believe the long-term success of the firm requires active support of the entire firm. Success also requires that Associates assume responsibility for various aspects of the firm’s
development and assume leadership roles in management and operational activities of the firm. The Firm of the Future will be their firm.

  • The partners have organized and delegated certain responsibilities to the Associates Council, which is charged with honoring the following principles:
  • Safeguard the firm’s culture and ensure a high level of client service
  • Establish a layer of transparency to the firm
  • Provide an open and safe forum for Associates to express ideas and concerns
  • Provide and develop leadership and professional growth opportunities for Associates on the Council.

As a first time recipient of this prestigious award, we have to thank our fellow Associates and clients for their support throughout the years. We will do our best to continue to be one of the Best Places to Work in Hawaii every year.







700 Bishop Street, Suite 1040
Honolulu, HI  96813
(808) 531-1040

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