Donna Smith

Scuba Diver

December, 2002

Several years ago, while on Maui, Donna Smith signed up for a day-long scuba diving class. Lessons started in a Kaanapali hotel pool before moving to the ocean. Smith, a vice president at Fernandez Entertainment, enjoyed the lesson, always meant to continue with the sport and get certified, but she never got around to it. In the summer of 2001, while on a trip to the Bahamas, she got around to it.

“It was wonderful,” says Smith. “I wondered to myself, ‘What have I been doing all these years?’ It’s absolutely fascinating down there.”

As luck would have it, shortly after returning from her Caribbean trip, Smith’s son and his friend purchased a boat that’s perfect for diving and fishing. The boat is equipped with a Global Positioning Satellite navigation system so that when the divers find an interesting dive site they just enter the coordinates into the computer.

While only diving for a little over a year, Smith has already explored the shipwrecks off of Waikiki, swam with manta rays on the Big Island and has been to numerous dive sites off of Windward Oahu. For her next dive, she’d like to take a tour to Cathedrals off of Lanai. However, for Smith just getting in the water is an adventure.

“Since I haven’t been diving for very long, every one of my dives have been fascinating,” says Smith.

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