Scott Fernandez, President/CEO E. K. Fernandez Shows, Inc. A Third-Generation, Kama’aina Company

E. K. Fernandez Shows

December, 2014
Sydney Fernandez-Fasi, VP Fun Factory, Inc. Linda Fernandez, President/CEO Fun Factory, Inc. Scott Fernandez, President/CEO E. K. Fernandez Shows, Inc.

Sydney Fernandez-Fasi, VP Fun Factory, Inc. Linda Fernandez, President/CEO Fun Factory, Inc. Scott Fernandez, President/CEO E. K. Fernandez Shows, Inc.

One hundred and eleven (111) years ago, Edwin Kane (E.K.) Fernandez set out to entertain the families of Hawaii.  By all accounts he was fun, jovial, and a savvy businessman; and it didn’t take long for him to become endeared as “The Barnum of the Pacific.”  Before Hawaii was even a state, Fernandez searched high and low for the best acts and brought them to the Territory, including legendary clowns, lions, tigers, bears, elephants, the Flying Wallendas (that’s right—the same family as recently-famed Nik Wallenda), and more.  He also introduced the first amusement park rides to the Islands in 1916.

Three generations later, the Hawaii-based company remains in the family with E. K.’s grandson, Scott Fernandez, heading the show.  With a quick wit and deep laugh, he represents his grandfather’s legacy well. “Our business is to bring unique entertainment to Hawaii in an affordable way,” he says. “You might say our business is serious fun.  We have a great time, and we run a solid operation.”

From the long-running Maui County Fair, which began in 1916, to the famous Punahou Carnival,  50th State Fair, neighbor island fairs, community events, school carnivals, circuses, and private parties, E. K. Fernandez Shows is beloved by families throughout Hawaii.

In 1976 while Kane Fernandez and his wife Linda were standing in the rain at Punahou Carnival, they decided they needed to establish an indoor entertainment business.  Thus, Fun Factory (an indoor carnival of sorts) was born.  Linda Fernandez, President and CEO of Fun Factory, Inc., has expanded the company’s indoor entertainment business and now owns and operates multiple locations throughout the state and on the mainland.  Jungle Fun at Ala Moana Center followed in 1995, and now a brand new venture combining Johnny Rockets and Fun Factory for delicious food and affordable family entertainment will open soon.

“We have such a unique business, and you start to learn it almost at birth,” says Scott Fernandez. “My sisters and I absorbed it at the dinner table while our parents (Kane and Linda) were talking about business operations, finance, contracts, P&L statements, and balance sheets. Those are the lessons that keep businesses going generation after generation, and it was the best business school I ever attended.”

E. K. Fernandez Shows produces between 17 and 26 events per year and employs up to 1,000 team members at a time during high season.  And, more importantly, the company has used its success to benefit our local communities through donations, fundraising opportunities, University of Hawaii and Punahou School scholarships, and, of course, by creating memorable experiences that are intricately woven into the very fabric of our local culture.

To learn more about upcoming events, rentals for food and confection wagons, game trailers, benches, tents, generators, bleachers, stages, power distribution units, cable covers, fencing, and amusement rides, visit the company’s website at

To bring a Fun Factory entertainment center to your development project, mall, or entertainment complex, please email Linda Fernandez at, Steven Lau at, or Bob Solomon at




E.K. Fernandez Shows
91-246 Oihana St.
Kapolei, Hawaii 96707
(808) 682-5767

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