Editor’s Note: Aye, Aye Captain!

April, 2004

This ship of industry has a new captain. It is my distinct pleasure to present to you Hawaii Business’ new publisher, Hoyt Zia.

Hoyt comes with a wealth of local, national and international business experience. He has been the head of the Pacific Telecommunications Council, has worked in Washington, D.C. for the United States Department of Commerce and has done stints with both Amfac and Motorola.

He is an attorney by training, an energetic and bright guy, who is married to HiBEAM’s executive director, Leigh-Ann Miyasato, and has two children. He serves on a number of community boards, including those of Child and Family Services and the Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs.

Oh, and did I mention his leadership ability? Hoyt was a captain in the Marine Corps. We anticipate that he will help guide Hawaii Business through uncharted waters and to new heights, to mix metaphors.

Hawaii Business is also pleased to revive the TIGR (Targeted Industries Growth Report). We launched TIGR more than five years ago, in partnership with sponsor City Bank. Under the watchful and savvy eye of Managing Editor Jacy L. Youn, the new TIGR report (on pg. 17) will keep our readers ahead of the curve in the areas of: University research and development, biotechnology, ocean science and technology, astronomy, Internet and computer software services, sports tourism, film production, health tourism and services exports, diversified agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, education tourism, venture capital and angel investing.

As always, the editorial team welcomes your input, as we grow our TIGR and set sail with our new publisher. The economic winds seem at the backs of Hawaii’s businesses, for an exciting ride ahead.

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