Editor’s Note: Know Your News Source

July, 2005

Lately, some of the national media have turned on their own for some media bashing and some have even engaged in self-flagellation. The New York Times had the Jayson Blair scandal, the Detroit Free Press found out that popular columnist and book author Mitch Albom had written ahead of time about players attending a basketball game, which they ended up not going to, and more recently Newsweek has been put to task for publishing unsubstantiated allegations of Koran abuse. Dan Rather also recently retired from the anchor desk, ahead of schedule, because of the way CBS mishandled a story about President Bush.

While the Bush administration has made hay of some of these problems, particularly the Newsweek case, saying that the story caused riots and the deaths of American military service personnel, the administration is not scandal-free in the area of media relations. Under Bush, the Department of Education paid a talk show host to speak favorably of the No Child Left Behind Act. Also, a faux journalist for an outfit called Talon News, Jeff Gannon, was allowed into presidential press conferences where he got to lob softball questions.

All of this hits home for the Hawaii media who are trying to do their best to present a fair and honest picture of people and events. There is the

matter of media trust, which is no small issue. While the truth may not always be comfortable for the people we cover, most journalists in Hawaii, and certainly those at this magazine, strive to uncover and convey the real story, to be of true service to our readers. So, while the nattering of

partisan talking heads or the daily screed on a blog may be the news source of choice for some out there, and while late night talk shows are certainly entertaining, please consider the track record for fairness and accuracy and the organization’s commitment to you, when you choose where you get your information.


The Hawaii Business team welcomes our new associate editor, Scott Radway. Scott joins us from The Herald in Bradenton, Fla., where he served as an environmental and enterprise reporter. Before that, he was stationed in Koror, Palau as a correspondent and stringer for our sister publication, Pacific Magazine, Agency France-Presse, Pacific Daily News and Radio New Zealand International.

Scott has also worked for papers in New York and Texas and reported on city hall and the state house for The News-Times in Danbury, Conn. He has received a number of awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, including first-place honors for general news, investigative reporting and team reporting. Please say, “Hello and Aloha,” when you see him around town.


In our June 2005 issue, we incorrectly stated that Honolulu was the first stop in Japan Air Lines’ first commercial intercontinental flight from Japan to San Francisco in 1954. The plane refueled on Wake Island, before Honolulu. Pan Am Airlines should have been identified as Pan American World Airways. The location of the ketchup bottle water tower is in Collinsville, not Cillinsville, Ill. Hawaii Business regrets these errors.

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