Editor’s Note – Two Decades Of Top 250

August, 2003

Hawaii Business’ signature Top 250 issue has been around for more than half of my lifetime. A lot has happened. We have gone from disco and gold chains to hip-hop, bling bling and the aftermath of Sept. 11. During that time, I have gone from journalism student at the University of Hawaii to Editor of Hawaii Business.

In 1983, Hawaii Business Editor Michael Schmicker started the listings under the moniker “Hawaii Business 100.” That year, Amfac topped the list with $2.2 billion in 1982 gross sales. This year, you can see from our cover that preeminent banker and businessman Walter Dods and his BancWest Corp. has broken through the heap to No. 1.

This groundbreaking issue that you are holding in your hands is the result of hours of work by our dedicated and award-winning editorial team. Senior Editor Cathy S. Cruz was the point person on planning and logistics. Managing Editor Jacy L. Youn, Associate Editor Ronna Bolante and Editor-at-Large David K. Choo worked with a talented cadre of photographers to tell compelling stories. Assistant Creative Director Wes Funai gave the whole issue appealing professional design and cohesion. Head Researcher Chris Tomayasu and her team and research firm Mattson Sunderland Research and Planning Associates Inc. have done yeoman’s duty in crunching mind-boggling amounts of data garnered from hundreds of surveys.

Our special 20th Anniversary Issue has been exciting to work on and the editorial team has had fun both looking back and looking forward. The exercise has given us fresh insight into how to continuously improve. It is our distinct pleasure to serve up this very meaty volume of business data and analysis with stories of outstanding Hawaii companies and executives. We applaud them and wish them continued success, with an eye toward Hawaii Business’ 50th Anniversary in 2005.

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Kelli Abe Trifonovitch