Editor’s Note – Way To Go

September, 2003

The Association of Area Business Publications (AABP), a nonprofit national organization representing more than 80 independent magazines and newspapers in the United States, Canada, Australia and Mexico, has recognized Hawaii Business with three bronze awards in the magazine category.

There were more than 500 entries in this year’s AABP Editorial Excellence Awards. The Hawaii Business editorial and production staff distinguished themselves with third-place finishes in the following areas: Best Use of Photography/Illustrations; Best Overall Design; and Best Personality Profile for “Robert Kiyosaki” by Jacy L. Youn (June 2002).

I would like for Managing Editor Jacy L. Youn, Senior Editor Cathy S. Cruz, Editor-at-Large David K. Choo and Associate Editor Ronna Bolante, as well as Assistant Creative Director (and chief Hawaii Business designer) Wes Funai and Creative Director Jayson Harper to stand up and take some virtual bows.

Rest assured, we won’t be resting on our laurels as we “go for the gold” with each issue.


In the August 2003 Top 250 issue, Hawaii Business listed H&W Foods Acquisition Corp. Inc. as No. 84, with $80 million in 2002 gross revenues. Public bankruptcy filings show that H&W foods and subsidiary Palama Meat Co. reported a total of $65.9 million in income from operations from April 1, 2002 to March 31, 2003. For the previous fiscal year, the businesses’ combined income was $66.3 million.

Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co. Inc. should have been included in August 2003 Top 250 listings. Hawaii Business regrets these errors.

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