Editor’s Note: What Our Readers Told Us

Readers survey reveals what you like about Hawaii Business magazine

August, 2014

A survey of our readers tells us that, for a plurality of you, this Top 250 issue is your favorite of the year. So we’re delighted to deliver our biggest edition ever: 228 pages, split between 116 editorial and 112 advertising pages.

At Hawaii Business, we get your feedback in a lot of ways: on Facebook and Twitter, through letters, emails and comments on our website, and during face-to-face conversations. But this new survey is the most comprehensive and statistically valid way of finding out what you think of us. With the help of Qmark Research, the company that conducts our semiannual BOSS survey, we asked 50 questions and 593 of you responded (372 online and the other 221 did the same survey on paper).

Here are the highlights:

  • How much do you read? 40 percent of our readers said they read all or most of a typical issue of Hawaii Business; 21 percent said they read more than half and another 16 percent said they read about half. That means 77 percent of our readers are strongly engaged with the magazine. We are very grateful for that endorsement and know that means we have to keep working hard to earn it.
  • Did you share? Yes, 90 percent of all subscriber issues are read by more than one person. In fact, with the pass-along rate, the typical issue is read by an average of 3.38 individuals, with the median being two readers.
  • How did you use us?  The survey offered readers six possible actions and asked them to choose all that applied. Sixty-nine percent said they used the typical issue as a reference or resource; 68 percent shared it with a co-worker; 27 percent visited hawaiibusiness.com to learn more; 23 percent purchased goods or services from a Hawaii Business advertiser; 22 percent attended an HB event; and 13 percent contacted an advertiser directly. That is gratifying, because part of our mantra is to be useful to our readers.
  • Is Hawaii Business a credible source of information? Ninety-seven percent of you said yes, but that also means we have to work harder to persuade the other 3 percent.
  • What do you think are our strengths?  No. 1 on this list was our Hawaii focus and you have my guarantee that will remain our mission. Another HB strength, according to many of the survey respondents, was our lists, such as the Top 250, Best Places to Work and many more. But other respondents complained that we had too many lists. Clearly the only possible solution to that difference of opinion is for us to keep publishing large issues that contain a full mix of stories that appeal to different readers.
  • Favorite topics? You are interested in a lot of issues. Here are the top 24 cited by the survey’s respondents, in alphabetical order: business trends/future growth, economics, education, construction, current events, company profiles, entrepreneurship, government/politics, featured businesses, healthcare, leadership/leader profiles, local/Hawaii focus, marketing, more in-depth stories, nonprofits, real estate, up and coming companies, small business, success stories, sustainability, sports, technology, tourism and the Top 250.

What a coincidence! Those are the same topics that interest me and my staff (plus we have some more). Better let me go; I need to assign extra stories for upcoming issues on those topics.

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