Editor’s Note: Wiping the Slate Clean

January, 2004

Happy 2004! The New Year is a time for new beginnings, Hawaii Business is going to begin by making things right.

We have a longstanding policy of fairness and accuracy and it hurts when we fall short. However, there are a number of corrections to the December 2003 issue, which need to be made. We place them here, in the editor’s column, to literally be up-front with you about our mistakes. We’re not perfect, but our Hawaii Business team continuously strives for perfection. Kaizen. Continuous improvement. Here goes:

The Editor’s Desktop, “We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby, But …,” listed Veronica Kaneko, managing director for McDonalds Restaurants of Hawaii (No. 30), as the highest ranking female corporate manager of a Top 250 company. Janice Head, president of the Hawaii region for Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program (No. 7) is the highest ranking female corporate manager of a Top 250 company.

Hawaii Dental Service President and Chief Executive Officer Faye W. Kurren’s Black Book listing erroneously indicated that HDS was a subsidiary of Tesoro Petroleum Corp.

Maui Divers of Hawaii Ltd. President and Chief Executive Officer Robert M. Taylor’s Black Book entry features the wrong picture.

In the photo essay, “Public People, Private Passions,” photographs of

Chatt Wright and Clint Churchill were incorrectly credited. Kent S. Hwang took the photo of Chatt Wright. Ronen Zilberman took the photo of Clint Churchill.

Hawaii Business regrets each and every one of these errors.

On another note: Publisher Leslie Light and Senior Editor Cathy S. Cruz are leaving us to launch a sister publication. We thank them for their many contributions and wish them well. We welcome John Alves, an officer of our parent company, who is serving as our interim publisher.

The rest of us look forward to what this year holds for Hawaii Business.

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