Family Ties

October, 2004

Eric Shinseki, Ret. Army Chief of Staff, and Warren Haruki, former president, Verizon Hawaii

Kauai roots and take-charge genes are not the only things these two men have in common. Those who know Ret. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki and his nephew, Warren Haruki, retired president of Verizon Hawaii, describe both as having integrity and an uncanny perspective that allows them to see the intricacies of an issue and apply what they know to a wide spectrum of interests. Shinseki, a director on the BancWest board, lives in Virginia, but says he intends to return to Hawaii in the future. Long-time friend James Kuroiwa says that when he does, he’s likely to promote education: “When he was a [brigadier general and] commander at Fort Hood, he had a policy that no soldier under his command could use work as an excuse not to attend a parent-teacher meeting. Otherwise they would have to meet with him.”

Haruki, a trustee at Parker Ranch since March, has already made an impression on fellow trustee Tom Whittemore, who says, “He has, without hesitation, jumped in and proactively dealt with the issues we’re facing.” Says Big Island Candies’ president Allan Ikawa, “They’re both great leaders – very calculating, very calm. Anybody would follow them, wherever they go, because they’re not going to go halfway.”

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