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February, 2012

Surfer Joe Always Upbeat

Excellent and informative business news article about one of my best friends in Hawaii, Surfer Joe Teipel (My Job, September 2011). He is a blessing to all who know him personally and professionally – always positive, upbeat and encouraging.
Posted online by Brother Mike K.


Toastmasters Opens Doors

Thanks for promoting this wonderful organization (Toastmasters, November 2011)which opens doors for so many people, including me. I have learned so much and had such a great time at many Toastmasters meetings over the last several years.
Posted online by Jenny Fixman-Kramer


Yeaman Picked as 2011’s Top CEO

A great person to honor. Eric is a wonderfully humble and gracious man of integrity. As always, great writing by Beverly Creamer.
Posted online by Janice Okubo

“The company has generated $15 million in profit and now has a net worth of $300 million.” Can this be because the systems still don’t work, jobs outsourced, reduction in force, etc? Since the company turned a profit, why couldn’t part of that profit go toward keeping jobs local or just keeping jobs? Instead, half of that profit went to the CEO and management bonuses. The 411, “0” operators and company directory operators are now based in Saipan. Thankfully, the customer-service reps you speak to are all local.
Posted online by nobu

I am so proud of Eric Yeaman. We were roommates in college while attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I knew that Eric would be very successful based on his determination, drive, skills, intelligence, personality and, more importantly, dedication to his work and family. I salute you, Mr. Yeaman.
Posted online by AlohafromMinneapolis!

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