Janet (PMO Manager) and Burt (Partner Liaison) discuss a potential new project.

Hawaii Information Consortium

April, 2015
Matt (Systems Administrator) and Corey (Front-end Developer) test a new web application.

Matt (Systems Administrator) and Corey (Front-end Developer) test a new web application.

One of the main reasons HIC continues to be the Best Place to Work in Hawaii is each employee’s willingness to learn, improve, and help. We strive to constantly learn new information, improve how we work, and help each other & our partnering agencies.

Prior to 2011, HIC developed software applications using the waterfall model, a sequential development process. While this system works, there are a few drawbacks. The waterfall approach does not easily accommodate change. Detailed requirements are defined upfront and alterations are the exception. If a change is requested late (e.g., during testing phase), it would require exorbitant resources to implement. Another issue HIC faced was difficulty gauging work progress and accountability was lacking. We needed to explore new methodologies.

In 2011-2012, HIC moved towards a “deliverables” approach; delivering small chunks of functionality sooner. A project is broken down into modules or portions of functionality so HIC can develop and deliver these parts incrementally. This helped immensely in fostering partnering agency’s engagement, feedback, and final approval of the application to launch.

Since 2013, we adopted an Agile methodology on a few projects and have seen great success. Agile project management is a proven method for managing the design and build activities of projects in a flexible, incremental, and collaborative manner. Specifically, we adopted the Scrum framework to encourage creativity and enable teams to respond to feedback and change. Work is broken down into small tasks, and progress is transparent to all project team members. Quick, daily team meetings encourage collaboration and builds synergy & increased accountability among the team.

To help educate our teams on Agile, our project managers, partner liaisons, quality assurance analyst, and management staff participated in a three-day Agile training course. HIC has seen great improvements in our processes over the years and will continue to integrate Agile methods into more of our projects and share the knowledge with the rest of our staff. By continually learning and evolving, we proactively improve our internal workings, enhance relationships with teammates and our partnering agencies, and deliver optimal eGovernment products & services for the people of Hawaii.







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