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February, 2015

15-Feb-HB-Hawaii-Med-01Hawaii Medical Skin Care opened its doors in early 2014 as a boutique medical spa that offers injectable, laser, and skin rejuvenating treatments. With her background working with government leaders in Washington DC and Hawaii for the past 12 years, Irina Francis, Owner of Hawaii Medical Skin Care, recognizes the importance of providing the highest quality at the most reasonable price for busy professionals.

“I recognized that busy professionals value their time and budget, and are looking for no-fuss treatments to help them look their most polished. We focus on incredible value, quality work, and our location is right downtown—just minutes away for anyone with a little time during their lunch break or after work,” says Francis.

Francis is joined by Michael McGriff, M.D., a board-certified Cosmetic and Laser Surgeon who serves as the Medical Director. Focused on personalized care and attention, Dr. McGriff administers the injectable and laser treatments himself, instead of delegating these professional services to lesser skilled providers. His background in trauma surgery for the Air Force and then cosmetic surgery in private practice is well suited to his new endeavor—now he uses his skills with a precise focus to narrow in on skin concerns.

“We really do everything to avoid and eliminate any scars,” Dr. McGriff says. “We specialize in ‘WOW-Lift!’ Liquid Facelifts, fractional laser resurfacing, rejuvenating lasers, injectable treatments, and dermal fillers. The before and afters that really jump off the page are from these types of procedures, and those are the ones most requested by our patients.”

Many patients, for example, come in frustrated by their brown spots and sun-damaged skin. Hawaii Medical Skin Care elegantly addresses both issues with a combination of laser and topical treatments. “Brown spots and aging skin will always be difficult due to the climate here in Hawaii,” says Francis. “But we’re so fortunate to live in a day and age when it can be addressed. The improvement in the overall look of a person is subtle, but remarkable when they start to correct these two common challenges. It really does take 10 years off.”

“Why do patients choose us? Because we are a doctor-patient oriented boutique medical spa offering the highest quality customer service, utilizing top-of-the line products, and the latest, state-of-the-art cosmetic medical procedures,” Francis says. “Our patients feel like they are a part of our ‘ohana, trusting us to resolve their skin care concerns.”

Need a rejuvenated visage? Come to Hawaii Medical Skin Care for the following services:
•  Fractional or Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing
•  Deep and Superficial Chemical Peels
•  Overall Rejuvenation and Highly Skilled Medical Facials
•  Ultrasonic and Ionzyme Medical Grade Facials
•   Laser Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Eye or Brow lift
•  Facelifts and Our Own “WOW-Lift!”
•  Botox and Xeomin Neuromodulator Muscle Relaxant
•  Smartlipo and Liposculpture

Visit http://www.hawaiimedicalskincare.com/ today.










55 Merchant Street, Suite 1540
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 226-3165

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