Dr. Adachi and her Staff

Hawaiian Island Ear, Nose & Throat, Inc.

January, 2015
Dr. Adachi at her desk

Dr. Adachi at her desk

In 1995, with a hopeful heart and a few credit cards in her wallet, Dr. Kristi Adachi boarded a plane to Honolulu, Hawaii to start her Otolaryngology practice after completing her speciality training at Stanford University. Her love for the people and culture of the Islands led her to call this place home and kept her practice—Hawaiian Island Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, Inc. (HIENTS)—thriving.

Dr. Adachi specializes in the surgical treatment of Head and Neck Cancer; including Endoscopic Laser resection of tumors of the tonsil, tongue and larynx, as well as surgery for thyroid, salivary gland and other neck tumors. She was one of the first surgeons in the country to be trained in Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery in 2008 for the treatment of chronic sinusitis, and has performed over 1,400 sinus surgeries.

Last year, an unfortunate incident took hold of Dr. Adachi’s life, but it has encouraged her to start a new conversation with Hawaii. She is a survivor of domestic violence, but the injuries she sustained has kept her from doing what she loves—practicing medicine and operating on those who need her help.

Now, as an advocate for herself and other victims of abuse, Dr. Adachi volunteers with the Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (HSCADV)—a local non-profit organization, celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, dedicated to helping people and communities end domestic violence through education and action. She hopes to increase awareness and urge others to stand united against domestic violence.

Despite Dr. Adachi’s absence, HIENTS continues to be operational due to its well-trained staff, including Heather Sloan, NP-C, and Edson Hirohata, Au-D.

“I am always available to answer any questions my staff may have regarding management of our patients,” said Dr. Adachi. “Thank you for continuing to support our practice during this period, I sincerely appreciate it. Above all, I thank God because through Him, I have Faith and Hope that I will overcome my disability!” Isaiah 40:29-31

If you would like to donate to HSCADV, please go to their website at www.hscadv.org. Donations are what make it possible for them to continue their mission against domestic violence here in Hawaii.







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