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Honolulu’s STEM Jobs

November, 2015

Interesting tidbits from Bloomberg’s report on the top 100 metro areas for STEM jobs:

• There are 22,430 STEM jobs in metro Honolulu, 5.0 percent of the total workforce. Median STEM pay: $73,930 a year; median non-STEM pay: $37,160, one of the smaller gaps in the country.

 Highest paying STEM job in Honolulu: astronomer. There are 50 astronomers in Honolulu, with median pay of $150,770.

 The concentration of astronomers in Honolulu is higher than anywhere else in the nation: 8.54 times the national average for metro areas.

 The most common STEM job in Honolulu: civil engineer. There are 1,650, with a median pay of $78,550.

 Honolulu ranked 57th highest in pay for STEM jobs, but third in cost of living. San Jose and San Francisco got first and second highest in both pay and cost of living.

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