Hot Off the Grill

A local restaurant supplier's sales are cooking.

August, 2002

Tucked behind Homeworld on Kamehameha Highway, across from the Pearlridge Shopping Center, is a chef’s dream: a 15,000-square-foot showroom with more than $2 million worth of restaurant equipment and supplies. This is the main showroom for WYP Partners Inc., dba American Restaurant Supply, a company that narrowly missed the Top 250 this year with $16 million in 2001 gross sales.

The general manager says they were on track to do much more than that when Sept. 11 hit. Ida Pick says American Restaurant Supply’s sales were “really cooking,” then they took a nosedive at the end of 2001.

“Sales are just now starting to look forward and starting to feel like they’ve really recovered and everybody’s scared to death of a second attack. Everybody’s just very, very afraid still, but we are improving,” Pick says.

WYP Partners is owned by the Wo and Yukimura families. Three companies are listed with the state as general partners of WYP Partners: Honolulu Bar Supply Ltd., whose directors are Michael Wo, Peter Yukimura, Edmund Nakano and Lisa Jeffries; Scandinavian Gallery Inc., whose directors are Robert W. M. Wo, Edmund N. Nakano, Betty C. Wo, Michael J. Wo, Wendell J. Wo and Robert C. Wo; and Trans-American Ventures Inc., whose officers are Peter Yukimura, Lisa Jeffery and Richard Fujii.

The first two companies have some officers in common with C. S. Wo & Sons Ltd., which is ranked No. 134 out of the Top 250 companies this year.

Pick says American Restaurant Supply is the only company of its kind with showrooms on the Big Island, Maui and Kauai. In fact, most of the company’s biggest customers are Neighbor Island hotels. Maui’s Grand Wailea topped last year’s customer list. Pick says that WYP Partners will probably appear in the Top 250 listings soon. She says, “We’ve got some pretty exciting changes coming up, so I would say that we will within the next few years.”

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