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October, 2014
Dr. Elizabeth Ignacio and Dr. Nicole Gesik

Dr. Elizabeth Ignacio and Dr. Nicole Gesik

At IMUA Orthopedics, Sports, & Health, the collaboration of both a sports orthopedic surgeon and primary care sports physician provides a comprehensive approach utilizing non-operative and operative treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.  Dr. Elizabeth Ignacio and Dr. Nicole Gesik take pride in offering a comprehensive and personalized treatment approach with the patient’s goals in mind.

At IMUA, our mission is to provide exceptional medical and surgical care in a supportive environment, moving patients forward in the promotion of health, optimization of function, and recovery from injury, facilitating participation at all levels of activity.
You ARE an Athlete – Physical activity is part of a vibrant life.  Here at IMUA, we can help people of all fitness levels realize their goals.  Whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or recreational fitness buff, IMUA has the expertise and breadth of service to move you forward in your active life.  We can help you recover from injury, learn how to safely push your training and fitness levels, and optimize performance at any age and level of activity.

Food IS Medicine – At IMUA, we teach our patients that  what you eat directly affects how your body functions and heals.  Whether you want to learn how to enhance performance, make lifestyle changes to treat chronic disease, or improve your general health, we can show you how to optimize the most powerful tool of all:  your food.

Curing IS Caring – We also believe that serving others and giving back makes everyone better.  At IMUA, our physicians and staff bring not only our expertise and experience to patient care; with gratitude, we are also proud to be actively involved within our community.

At IMUA, we meet you where you are and move forward with you.


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