‘Iolani School

October, 2014

14-Nov-HB-Iolani-01When ‘Iolani’s math team wins the state Math League Championship for 22 consecutive years and its economics team wins 17 consecutive state titles and 5 national titles, it’s worth notice. When its athletes earn the 2014 ILH and state championships in basketball and soccer, there’s a pattern of achievement. When students like Matthew Beattie-Callahan ‘14 becomes one of just two Hawaii students selected as delegates to the U.S. Senate Youth Program in Washington, D.C., going “off the normal class track to find your passion and pursuing it wholeheartedly” in extra-curricular opportunities can be another path to success at ‘Iolani.

“’Iolani’s great tradition as an educational leader is cultivating a learning culture that results in excellence in many facets,” says Head of School Timothy Cottrell. “It did not happen overnight, taking years of commitment to create educational initiatives and academic models that have become successful programs.”

‘Iolani’s continuous commitment to build upon its success each year traces back to high standards perpetuated over the course of its 150-year history. Its outstanding world-class education is built on a tradition of exceptional academics, arts and athletics, and graduates confident in life skills and leadership development. Pursuit of excellence is what links the school’s time-honored ‘One Team’ legacy of cooperation and support to its new Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership that takes experiential learning and collaboration for students to unprecedented levels with amazing high-tech tools.

At the heart of the K-12 school’s culture of excellence is relational education—the connection between student and teacher. “Everywhere I see students hard at work, I see a faculty or staff with an impressive breadth of professional and personal backgrounds dedicated to making our students’ commitment as efficient as possible toward their pursuit of excellence,” says Cottrell.

Award-winning ‘Iolani theater teacher and director Rob Duval believes in setting the bar high for his students. “Excellence takes preparation, discipline, perseverance and risk. Set your goal high. If it’s too easily attainable, it’s commonplace. You have to do the work. Prepare. Invest. It takes time, it will take failure, but you learn more from failures than from successes.” Once again, Duval will take his students to Scotland this summer to perform Sweeney Todd at the world renowned Fringe Festival.

Says football coach Wendell Look, himself a former ‘Iolani student-athlete, “I try to instill in players a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when those ‘little’ tasks are finished. Doing enough of the ‘little’ things will lead to excellence.” With 22 years of coaching, Look is the longest running ILH varsity head football coach and has led the Raiders to seven of the last nine HHSAA DII State Championship titles.

Expanding ‘Iolani’s programs for authentic innovation and real world problem-solving means expanding the space for risk, failure and correction to allow students to “explore how dedication, resiliency and work ethic underscore our greatest achievements,” says Cottrell. “For all of us at ‘Iolani, that means excellence.”

563 Kamoku Street
Honolulu, HI 96826
Phone: (808) 943-2222

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