Largest Private-Sector Employers

Compiled from data collected for the Hawaii Business Top 250

December, 2000
Rank ’00 Rank ’99 Company Chief Executive ’99 % Change ’98 % Change Employees Year Founded Parent Company
1 58 Altres Global Business Services, IncContract staffing, temporary placement, professional employment organization in 15 Barron L. Guss- PR

Kerry A. Kopp -VP

18.5% 99.3 16613 1993 ALTRES Inc, ALTRES Staffing Inc, ALTRES Insurance Inc, ALTRES Medical

Contract staffing, temporary placement, professional employment orgranization in 15 states.

2 5 BancWest Corp.

Financial Services

Walter A. Dods Jr. -CHB, CEO

Don J. McGrath -PR, COO

Joel Sibrac -Vice CHB

John K. Tsui -Vice CHB, COO



883.7 4946 1858/1974 First Hawaiian Bank (59 Branches), Bank of the West (162 branches)
3 2 Pacific Century Financial Corp.

Bank holding Company.

 Micheal E. O’Neil -CHB, CEO

Richard J. Dahl -PR, COO

Alton T. Kuioka -Vice CHB

Mary P. Carryer -Vice CHB



 1300.3  4700  1897  Bank of Hawaii, Pacific Century Bank, First Savings & Loan Association of America (Guam,
4 9 Kyo-ya Co. Ltd.

Hotels(owner & operator), parking lots, retail stores, restaurants, insurance agencies

 Masakuni Osano -PR

Stanley Takashi -EVP, COO



 536.6  4060  1961  Kokusai Kogyo Co. Ltd(Japan), Princess Kaiulani Hotel (dba), Moana Surfrider Hotel (dba), Sheraton Waikiki Hotel (dba), Royal Hawaiian Hotel (dba), Sheraton Maui Hotel (dba), Palace Hotel (CA) (dba), Kyo-ya Restaurant (dba), Kyo-ya Oceanic Co Ltd, (Australia), Grand Cypress Florida Inc. (FL), Beach Parking (dba), Surfrider Golf Shop (dba), Pacific Rim Insurance Corp., Kyo-ya Insurance Services Ltd.
5 15 The Queen’s Health System

Allied health care services.

Robert C. Oshiro -CHB

Richard L. Griffin -PR, CEO



 415  3876  1859 The Queen’s Medical Center, The Queen’s Emma Foundation, Molokai General Hospital, Queen’s Development Corp. The Queen’s Health Care Centers, Diagnostic Laboratory Services Inc., Queen’s Health Management, Queen’s Island Care, Queen’s Hawaii Care, Queen’s Preferred Plan, The Queen’s Health Care Plan, Hawaii Medical Library, Hamamatsu/Queen’s PET Imaging Center LLC, CareResource Hawaii, Queen’s Insurance AIF Inc.
6 39 McDonald’s Restaurants of Hawaii

Quick-service restaurant (76 outlets in Hawaii, 7 outlets in Guam, 2 in Siapan; 45 individually owned).

Ken Nakamure-Mg Dir

Frankie Chung -Sr. Operations Mgr.

Verconica Kaneko -Sr Operations Mgr.

Cesar Llarenas -Operations Mgr.



 159  3700  1968  McDonald’s Corp. (IL)
7 1 Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc.

Electronic services and finanicial services.

 Robert F. Clarke -CHB, PR, CEO

T.Micheal May -Sr. VP

Robert F. Mougeot -VP/Finanace, CFO



 1485.2  3262  1891/1983  Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO), Hawaii Electric Light Co. (HELCO), Maui Electric Co. (MECO), HEI Power Corp., American Savings Bank.
8 13 Kaiser Permante Medical Care Program

Non-profit health maintenance organization (HMO) – health plan nad medical care

Micheal E. Chaffin, MD -PR/Hawaii Perm. Med. Grp.

Bruce Behnke -PR



 462  3150  1958  Kasier Permente Medical Care Program(CA)

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc., Hawaii Permanente Medical Group Inc.

9 29 Hawaii Health Systems Corp.

Acute, long term & rural healthcare provider.

Thomas M. Driskill Jr. -PR, CEO  226  3145  1884/1996  Maui Memorial Medical Center (Maui Region), Kula Hospital (Maui Region), Lanai Community Hospital (Lanai Region), Hilo Medical Center (East Hawaii Region), Hale Ho’ola Hamakua (East Hawaii Region), Kau Hospital (East Hawaii Region), Kona Community Hospital (West Hawaii Region), Kohala Hospital (West Hawaii Region), Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital (Kauai Region) , Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital (Kauai Region), Leahi Hospital (Oahu Region), Maluhia Hospital (Oahu Region).
10 12 Hawaiian Airlines, Inc

Commerical airline operations

 Paul J. Casey -PR CEO

John B. Happ -Sr. VP/Mktg. & Sales

Ruthann s. Yamanaka -Sr. VP/People Services

 488.9  426.4  3050  1929


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