Letters to the Editor: Feedback

May, 2010

Big Isle grid 
may be a bigger problem

I appreciate your piece on the challenges for solar, wind and other distributed generators to connect to the grid here in our isolated little state (Smart Grid, April 2010). I’ve been in this business for 30+ years and have come to expect that reporters and writers have a heck of a time getting it right when writing about such issues. You did a commendable job. Well-done.

It would have been valuable if you could also have looked at our situation here on the Big Island since it’s arguable that HELCO is having even greater difficulty dealing with the 30+ megawatts worth of wind than MECO is having with the Kaheawa wind farm on Maui. In fact, the relationship between HELCO and the South Point wind farm, Pakini Nui, has become bitter, acrimonious and litigious. Yet we in the photovoltaic solar industry here are being made the fall guys, when on both Maui and the Big Island there’s three times more wind generating capacity than PV.

—Marco Mangelsdorf
President, ProVision Solar Inc.


Issue was a ‘state-changer’

The February 2010 edition of Hawaii Business is a good read. Every now and then there’s an edition that qualifies as one that should be bronzed.

This one is a state-changer.

A poem:

that dry-in-the-mouth issue
you always wish you
never have to address
so much paper can make a mess.

Thank you, Hawaii Business.

Dave Rolf
Rolf Advertising


Molokai will work 
it out

Forty-seven years ago I married a girl whose family lives on Molokai (Optimism Despite Tough Times, March 2009). Those years allowed me to experience this unique place and appreciate the mindset of its equally unique people. I never had the feeling anyone felt disadvantaged or thought they lived substandard lives.

All the individuals I met were kind, unselfish and eager to share the bounty of living in such a beautiful place. They genuinely love and embrace the island and the simple lifestyle. They will somehow make things work out.

Posted online by rudedog



In Talk Story (April 2010), Robin Campaniano inadvertently referred to affordable photovoltaic cells by Sopogy. Those units are actually affordable solar thermal collectors.

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