Letters to the Editor: Feedback

January, 2010

Jaycees provide the best training

I greatly enjoyed your article on Leadership Training (December 2009). However, I believe you missed the best leadership training organization in the Islands: the Hawaii Jaycees.

The Jaycees give hands-on experience in creating, planning and running projects, and directing manpower. They actively build in their members essential skills such as public speaking and the ability to make decisions under pressure.

The Jaycees’ distinguished alumni list easily matches any other organization’s in Hawaii. And this training costs just $50 a year.

The aim of the Jaycees is to build leaders with skills they’ll use everyday in the workplace and outside, and members learn to break down barriers. I know a little about being given the chance to break down barriers — this haole boy is the proud president of the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees.

Jonathan Cook


Inouye created economic disaster

Your article on Sen. Inouye (October 2009) is pure, unabashed campaigning for a figure who is far more controversial than you are willing to admit. Why didn’t you interview people who disapprove of his style of politics and his iron grip on local politics? Why didn’t you include commentary from people who understand the socioeconomic disaster he has created here?

It is outsiders who profit most from his lavish spending sprees while forcing the native-born down on the socio-economic ladder. Because of his grand plan we are painfully dependent on imported goods and little more than a welfare state at a time when we should be leading the world in the quest for sustainability. Shame on you!

Kristine Kubat


Poor education system here

I just read the article on the tech industry with Henk Rogers (Talk Story, October 2009). Another major situation that is affecting Hawaii adversely is the abysmal education system from the elementary to the university levels.

Professionals, technical people and management who want to move to Hawaii may have second thoughts because of education. I was employed as a civilian in the military and this was even a concern among company-grade to field-grade officers with children; often they apply far in advance to private schools upon learning of their assignment to Hawaii.

The major centers of technology development have great universities to fuel research and attract innovative industry. Silicon Valley has Stanford and University of California Berkeley; Boston has Harvard and MIT; and North Carolina has Duke and UNC. The University of Hawaii at Manoa, despite recent accolades, is an average institution in most disciplines and below average in engineering and many sciences. Budget cuts will further hurt it.

Those in Hawaii with sufficient incomes often choose to send their children to private schools and later to the Mainland for college. This situation may doom many workers here to the labor and service industries, reduce the opportunity for locals to advance, and diminish the overall ability of Hawaii to sustain the technical engine with competent workers.

Paul Mizue



Top is a picture of Gary Grimes of Allied Builders System. In the 2009 Black Book (December), the picture was incorrectly identified as Tom Grimes of Aloha Petroleum Ltd.

Below is a picture of Morris Stoebner of Honda Windward. The Black Book incorrectly identified him as Michael Stoebner, also of Honda Windward.

Hawaii Business regrets the errors.

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