LiveSift Enhances Meetings and Events

August, 2014

Meetings and events can be dull and unproductive, but LiveSift makes them more effective by allowing everyone to input ideas and comments via tablets, smartphones and computers. LiveSift compiles and studies the data so meeting leaders can answer questions, gauge opinions and build consensus using easy-to-read graphics. Leaders can get feedback in as quickly as 30 seconds, whether from a small group or a sold-out arena. 


Alexander Bergo of Honolulu is the CEO of LiveSift and a co-founder along with Viil Lid and Aaron Rosa. Last August, the trio pitched the idea of LiveSift to Blue Startups, the Honolulu-based startup incubator founded by billionaire Henk Rogers. “Companies who pitch to Blue Startups usually have a product, but we were fortunate that they believed in our idea,” Bergo says. They were accepted and given time to create it.

“We just released the beta version in April,” Bergo says. “There are still more features to include in later versions, but the functions we currently have allow everyone in meetings or events to participate, stay focused, collaborate and provide input.” 

How It Works: 

Meeting leaders supply a code that users enter at so everyone can engage in group activities. LiveSift’s basic functions include conducting polls, a brainstorming piece that collects ideas for further use, an evaluation system that collectively judges options, a Q-and-A feature, and an agenda item that displays all the information to leaders in real time. 


Jay Fidell, president of ThinkTech Hawaii, says his company has used LiveSift for all its public forums since March 2014. 

“One function that is extremely useful is the Q-and-A function,” Fidell says. “It encourages people to answer questions. It’s super efficient: After everyone answers the questions, we get the results quickly.” At ThinkTech forums, Fidell uses LiveSift to conduct polls of the audience and quickly show results on a screen, and even update survey results in real time as more people participate. Questions from the audience are selected by the moderator and shown on screen for everyone to see.

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