Maryl Pacific Constructors Inc.

August, 2001

Like a steadfast climber scaling the grueling Mount Everest, Maryl Group Inc. is practicing aggressive, yet firm-footed tactics to ascend its way to the top. The Kailua-Kona-based land development and construction company posted last year’s biggest sales gain: an astounding 214.2 percent increase in revenues over 1999 figures. And heading into its 15th year in business, the company is showing no signs of slowing.

“We had quite a year, but it’s just been a steady growth from when we started operations here,” says Bob Griffith, executive vice president for Maryl Group. “It’s continuing to grow and right now we’re projecting 15 to 20 percent increases as our goal for 2001.” Maryl Group has been around since 1986, but its most profitable subsidiary, Maryl Pacific Constructors Inc., is only three years old. Since its inception, Maryl Pacific has averaged 25 projects a year and last year contributed to more than 60 percent of Maryl Group’s $82 million in revenues.

The largest valued contract of its completed developments last year was a $10.5 million design/build project of the Kmart store in Kapolei. This year, the company landed a $13.5 million contract for construction of the Pearl City-based Home Depot, and will complete construction on a $22 million Worldmark timeshare development in Kihei in September. Maryl Pacific’s largest project to date, however, is a three-year design/build resort and residential project called The Villages at Mauna Lani on the Big Island. The $83 million project will take three years to complete, and is scheduled to begin late this year.

Dan Jordan, president of Maryl Pacific Constructors Inc., says the company’s remarkable growth is really just the residue of design. The successful business relationships established early on with satisfied clients of its parent company, Maryl Group, really set the stage for Maryl Pacific’s prosperity. This year, the company is working with such heavy-hitters as Alexander & Baldwin Inc. and Marriott International Inc. “Our success has been a combination of hard work, good luck and excellent clients,” he says. “But really I think our hard work has made our good luck.”


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