Merging Visions: Top Business Leaders and Up and Coming Executives Converge

Featuring Reyn Spooner Ako’ako’a and Molokai Chanel

June, 2016

molokai-2Reyn Spooner and Hawaii Business collaborated on the launch of Merging Visions: A Black Book Event with exclusive aloha printed gifts for attendees. Merging Visions is designed to support cross generational leaders with one of the most powerful networks of influencers, including Top 250 companies, 20 for the next 20 cohorts, Omidyar Fellows and Pacific Century Fellows.

“We all have to be in collaboration to build our future and one way to do that is to be a part of this conversation,” says Hawaii Business Division’s Events Manager, Courtney Wagner.

Reyn Spooner has been in the garment industry since 1956. The beauty about aloha prints is its ability to tell a story. No other fashion statement can boast the same talent. “Our designs help our customers, including myself, celebrate and enjoy what the print represents,” explains Reyn Spooner’s Director of Marketing, Lei Rowan.

Reyn Spooner has graciously provided their exclusive design, Ako’ako’a, an elegant pattern illustrating the softer nature of the ocean, for the ladies at Merging Visions: A Black Book Event.

“Ako’ako’a showcases the splendor of the ocean with sheet corals, sea plumes, branching and other ocean corals,” Rowan describes. For the men at Merging Visions: A Black Book Event, Reyn Spooner presents the Molokai Channel print which was first released in 1980 and evokes this body of water’s strength and unpredictability.

Kauai 3.2.16-1635sAccording to Rowan, Ako’ako’a and Molokai Channel are both ocean-inspired designs which represent iconic symbols of Hawaii. Also known as the Kaiwi Channel this waterway reaches a depth of 2,202 feet and a length of 25.8 miles. Rowan warningly announces, “with regular strong winds, powerful currents and large swells. It is also known for being very unpredictable. One minute it may be as calm as a lake. The next, it’s a raging roller coaster.” The channel is the destination for famous swim, outrigger and standup paddle competitions and attracts participants each year from all over the world.

Like the Molokai Channel, Merging Visions serves as a platform for leaders from all industries and across generations to meet in one networking event with Hawaii’s best professionals. Hawaii Business magazine is excited to launch Merging Visions as an initiative to assemble emerging leaders in cultivating relationships to accelerate Hawaii’s future.

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