Mike Fox

President, Hawaii Modular Space, Foilboarder

December, 2003

To say that Mike Fox is a water person is a bit of an understatement. The president of Hawaii Modular Space practically has gills – surfing, canoe racing or paddle boarding at least two or three times a week. The former Navy brat, who learned how to shred in the surf off of Ewa Beach, had to curtail his ocean activities for the decade that he was building and growing his business. But three years ago, he jumped back in the water with both feet.

“There is just something about salt water. It’s therapeutic. It energizes me,” says Fox.

Fox surfs in the early mornings or late afternoons. He’ll go wherever there are waves, but his favorite haunts are the North Shore and west side, both of which are only a 30- to 35-minute drive from his office in Campbell Industrial Park.

Earlier this year, Fox started foil boarding (last year, he was tow-in surfing.), a recent surfing hybrid that uses a hydrofoil-like board borrowed from water skiing. The foil board, with its knife like keel, enables riders to surf large, choppy waves. However, it requires far more technical skill than the average big gun board.

“It’s very difficult to maintain your balance,” says Fox. “But if you do it right, your ride is smoother and faster. You cut through the water like a hot knife through butter.”

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