New Hawaii Ice Cream Innovation Aims to Change National Ice Cream Marketplace

Hawaii-based Brio ice cream, newly launched in the Aloha State, promises to change the ice cream marketplace by bringing together smart nutrition and delicious indulgence in one fun-to-eat snack. Lucky we live Hawaii as we get to be among the first in the nation to fall in love with Brio!

May, 2015

The ice cream aisle in your local Hawaii supermarket may be the last place you’d expect to discover a revolution. But there, behind the gleaming glass freezer doors, you’ll find a brand new Hawaii-based product that is innovative and revolutionary because it offers not just a decadent, rich, creamy treat – but also smart nutrition to those who want to support personal health and wellness.


The new product is named Brio, aptly named for an Italian word that means vitality and vigor. It owes its start to two visionary organic food pioneers, twin brothers Arnie and Ron Koss who were the co-founders of Earth’s Best Baby Foods in the 1980s.

The brothers were both living on Maui when they began to seriously consider the idea of creating a healthier ice cream than the fat-and-sugar laden treats currently found on grocery shelves. Their inspiration was their mom, who loved ice cream, and wished it could be healthier

Ron moved to Vermont and met two former Ben & Jerry’s flavor developers, who agreed to work with him on his idea. Ron added two noted nutritionists to create an unusual collaborative team.

“The Ben & Jerry’s guys were focused on taste, the nutritionists on leading-edge nutrition – and over a ten year development process, created a product that both sides were delighted with,” says Arnie Koss, who resides in Upcountry Maui. “There’s nothing else like it in the market.”

“Brio is the first and only ice cream to truly marry rich, creamy deliciousness with the latest nutrition smarts,” he says.

Brio’s first ingredient is fresh, whole, rBST-free milk, which the brothers buy from Wisconsin dairy farms. Brio is produced in small batches in Wisconsin under the watchful eyes of Ron and his team. The rich, vivid flavors in Brio come from premium, all-natural ingredients, including juicy Alphonso mangoes, ripe strawberries, coffee, dark cocoa, organic salted caramel and Madagascar vanilla.
Arnie has been helping to introduce Brio to Hawaii through product sampling demos and at events, including the Great Aloha Run. “When people try Brio, the first thing that they say is Brio is so rich, smooth, creamy, and delicious. That alone is enough of a reason for most people to buy it.”

Driving sales are the quality ingredients in Brio. “Brio is non-GMO,” explains Arnie. “We also went through the certification process to become certified gluten free.”

Brio contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. There are no high fructose corn syrup in Brio, and absolutely no erythritol, sugar alcohols or stevia in Brio.


Brio also has about half the fat, 65% less saturated fat and less sugar than comparable flavors of super premium ice cream. There are only 160 to 170 calories in a satisfying 4 oz. serving.

Brio goes beyond guilt free, to offer the nutritional advantages that every “body” needs. For starters, Brio has 6 grams of protein..

Brio offers balanced Omega 3-6-9 healthy fats.

You’ll also get 30% of your daily calcium, 20% of your magnesium and 45% of your Vitamin D in a single serving. Plus, Brio is rich in antioxidants, with a total of 24 vitamins and minerals in all.

“You can see why we call it ‘ice cream with benefits,’” quips Arnie.

For the many Hawaii residents who are concerned about diabetes, Brio is low glycemic, with a carefully selected blend of natural sweeteners. In fact, Brio has less sugar than many popular yogurts.

By making ice cream that’s truly good-for-you, Brio expands the occasions for eating ice cream. No longer is it just an indulgent dessert; now ice cream can be part of a smart snacking strategy.

Brio is for everyone from multi-tasking working professionals, to young children, to active athletes, to the elderly in need of a power-packed nutritional treat.

Feeling those 2 p.m. workday blahs? Brio is the perfect mid-day snack to help power you through. For a mid-morning boost, enjoy Brio with some fresh fruit on the side. Brio also offers a healthy, delicious boost to your smoothie or a yummy alternative to nutrition drinks. For busy and active people, Brio provides an excellent choice when you’re on the go and missing a meal. Brio is also a great post-workout replenishment.


If you’re watching your weight, Brio’s 160 to 170 calorie single serve portions offer a satisfying snack. There are 14 ounce “small pints” too.

Brio is offered in five delicious flavors: Tropical Mango, Coffee Latte, Spring Strawberry, Mellow Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Caramel.

You can find Brio statewide in all Foodland locations, at Don Quijote stores on Oahu, at KTA Superstores on The Big Island and Pukalani Superette, Island Grocery Depot and Haiku Grocery Store on Maui. You can also order online at

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