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October, 2004

Don Horner, CEO-in-waiting, First Hawaiian Bank, and Allan Landon, CEO, Bank of Hawaii

As chief executive officers of Hawaii’s two biggest banks, positions saturated with power, Don Horner and Allan Landon will be in charge of about 60 percent of Hawaii’s bank deposits. How will they choose to exercise the power inherent in those positions? By all accounts, both are perceived as focused, deliberative and ready to deliver the goods.

Look for both to lend their power positions to educational causes. Horner is a member of the Hawaii Council for Economic Education, while Landon is a member of the Hawaii Council for the Humanities (HCH). Carl Takamura, executive director of the Hawaii Roundtable says, “It’s one thing to write a check, but it’s another thing to have somebody in Don’s position who’s willing to contribute his time. To me, that’s a big indication of where his priorities are.” Likewise, HCH executive director Robert Buss says that Landon has been an active member for four years: “He is thoughtful and reflective, he’s passionate about what he believes in and he can cut through to what needs to be accomplished.”


Rodney Shinkawa, executive vice president of the Hawaii Bankers Association, says, “You won’t find Allan trying to be like Mike [O’Neill] or Don trying to be like Walter [Dods], but each will develop a style of his own.”

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