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August, 2017

Rebranded, recommitted, and focused on the future, Spire makes it their mission to do what needs to be done — inspiring, aspiring, even perspiring — to provide clients the tools to succeed. Their philosophy: Step Up. Stand Tall.

“Traditional accounting services look backwards,” said Tyler Kimura, Spire Executive Vice President. “ We look forward, helping clients grow.”

That same philosophy guides Spire’s corporate culture. No longer is staff held to the traditional requirements of monthly billings, office hours, and expectations checklists. They’re guided by a single mantra: What’s best for the client and how best can we get it done? Employees and clients alike resoundingly agree: it works.

“You make a commitment and you honor it,” said Executive VP Rodney Lee, “For your clients, your staff, and your family.” It’s finding that balance — clients, staff, and families — that makes Spire unique.

When hiring, Spire recruits a balance of local, national, and international experts and instills a work-life culture. “Professional life is complicated enough, Kimura said. “At Spire, we look beyond the package of benefits and ask ‘What can we do to really retain and inspire our team?’”

• Unlimited vacation policy. Need a vacation? Take it. “The policy allows people to take care of what’s important at work and at home,” said Kimura.

• Lunch & Learns. Weekly lunches where business and community leaders, not-for-profit executives, and experts on topics important to growing families lead conversations ranging from the struggles facing small businesses to how to save for children’s college education.

• Flex Schedule. Need to work from home? No problem. Spire’s team works wherever makes sense (including Germany, where one employee works since her husband’s transfer.)

• Wine O’Clock. Accomplishments are as important as “to-do” lists. The team gathers regularly to celebrate personal, professional, and client milestones. They talk story, connect, revitalize.

• Community Service. When a keiki not-for-profit couldn’t afford the audit needed for a grant proposal, Spire got it done. “Everybody needs a little help now and then,” said Lee.

“Wherever our people want to take their career, we want to help them,” said Lucas Sayin, Partner. “It makes us better and adds value to the community.”

CONTACT: Spire Hawaii LLP
55 Merchant Street, Suite 2130
Honolulu, HI 96813

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