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August, 2017

With 47 years of experience as Hawaii’s premier entertainment company Tihati Productions, Ltd. remains a steadfast player in Hawaii’s entertainment and tourism industry today. Pioneers of Polynesian entertainment in Waikiki, Papali’itele Jack “Tihati” and Cha Thompson have earned an impressive list of awards including Hawaii’s Small Business Persons of the Year, and are inductees of the Hawaii Business Hall of Fame. Collectively, they serve on a number of community boards and non-profit organizations and are beloved by generations of both Tihati employees and hotel and tourism colleagues.

From a little troupe of back yard singers and dancers to being the first Polynesian Show invited to perform at the White House in 2008 this business remains in the family. The Tihati pioneers have entrusted their entertainment empire to two of their children, Afatia Thompson (President) and Misty Thompson-Tufono (Executive Vice President). After college they both have spent two decades of experience of their own in the business. Actually, Afatia and Misty spent their entire lives in and around Waikiki’s entertainers and showrooms.

Afatia recalls, “We grew up in Waikiki all along Kalakaua Avenue and from one end to the other, it was an exciting and bustling place to be.”

The market has changed dramatically since Tihati and Cha began their small business in 1969, yet they were able to expand and diversify Tihati Productions to the sturdy business it is today. With the changing times, came new and innovative contributions from the young Thompsons in the form of strategic online marketing, custom cultural presentations, and a new stream of dedicated and award winning performing artists.

The philosophy their parents instilled in them, remain the foundation upon which the business is run today. “Tell the stories of our people through the highest caliber of Polynesian performing arts.” Cha insists. “In doing so, the aim is to enlighten and entertain the visitors, enhance and support the visitor industry, and ultimately honor the kupuna.”

Faith and business are terms that are synonymous for the Thompsons who contribute their enduring success to the grace of God. Surviving four decades in Hawaii’s grueling business market, is undeniably a remarkable achievement.

3615 Harding Avenue, Suite 506
Honolulu, Hawaii  96816
Phone #: 808-735-0292 ext. 228
Fax #:  808-735-9479
Visit our website:  www.tihati.com

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