Parents And Children Together (PACT)

April, 2015
PACT staff wearing purple in support of domestic violence awareness month.

PACT staff wearing purple in support of domestic violence awareness month.

Parents And Children Together (PACT) is a prominent advocate for the needs of Hawaii’s most-challenged citizens.

PACT is a leader in the design and delivery of a broad range of social and educational services. Our programs are in the areas of early childhood education, child abuse and neglect prevention and intervention, domestic violence prevention and intervention, leadership development for youth, community and economic development, and mental health support.
“We believe in our mission and the entire PACT team dedicates itself to our clients by helping them identify and address their own strengths, needs and concerns. We assist those we serve by helping them to realize their potential and use those newfound skills to succeed,” says Ryan Kusumoto, president & CEO of PACT.

“The spirit of teamwork and cooperation extends to how we work with our own staff. We believe in them and labor together as a ‘Family of PACT’ to support individual goals and help our staff to reach their own objectives,” Kusumoto says. “Our staff is truly what makes PACT programs work to help create opportunities that support successful children, healthy families and strong communities!”

Our staff understand that it’s not enough just to want to help others. They understand the key to success is to coach, teach and promote partnerships with individuals, families and communities; doing with rather than doing for. Our staff embrace the principle that the client-staff relationship is reciprocal in nature, with clients learning from staff, and staff learning from clients, enriching that exchange between each other and promoting improved quality of life.

Parents And Children Together (PACT) has served the communities of Hawaii since 1968. PACT has 16 programs statewide, providing services that assist individuals and families in addressing the barriers and challenges to living a happy and productive life.





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