Philanthropy: It’s All About You – February 2016

Terry George - Navigating Philanthropy – The Power of Partnership

February, 2016

Eight middle schools, including Stevenson Middle, participate in HCF’s Connecting for Success program. In the past two years, the schools have improved behavior and grades in core subjects for youth.

Ask Terry George why he’s in the philanthropy business, and he’s surprised. “Because,” he says, “it’s the right thing to do.” As President and CEO of the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation, doing the right thing means bettering education, nearshore marine habitats, Oahu’s windward communities, and investing the Foundation’s money in Hawaii’s future. When Terry wants a partner, he often looks to the Hawai‘i Community Foundation. Here’s why.


“When we join together and look to what we know to be true and right and pono, we can solve a lot of problems.”

Why Philanthropy?

HCF_inset2-1TG: A mentor once told me, ‘Reduce your wants and meet your needs, and your opportunities expand exponentially.’ When we join together, look to what we know to be true and right and pono, we can solve a lot of problems. Why HCF’s Connecting for Success


Middle School Initiative?

TG: Because it works. At Stevenson Middle School one day, I saw a room full of “troublemaker” kids completely engaged in learning. I saw them being tough-loved by their counselor, a young man who cared about them and they knew it. That counselor was there because of Connecting for Success. That felt good.


Why HCF?

TG: People who set aside resources for the community – they make up the Hawai‘I Community Foundation, a place where people can do good and feel good about it. My first gift to HCF was $150 for a women’s fund. Then a few buddies stepped up and matched me. It made a difference.

We are smarter when we do it together. We do better when we learn together. HCF’s got smart people who know how to solve problems. Every time I meet with them, I get smarter.


Why Hawaii?

TG: We’re connected to each other, and the Community Foundation helps deepen those connections.

You can see aloha in the humility and generosity of the business community. You can see it in the way we take care of each other in times of need.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked to make a difference in other parts of the world. Now I’m back home where for me at least, it counts more.


Did You Know

HCF and 14 funders, including the Castle Foundation, partnered to invest $8.1 million in the Connecting for Success program to help improve outcomes for middle school youth who are at-risk of dropping out of school.

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