Philanthropy: It’s All About You – January 2016

Kelvin Taketa

January, 2016

Kelvin speaks at HCF’s Pillars of Peace Hawaii event.

Hawaii Community Foundation turns 100 (1916-2016)! Its CEO since 1998—named in 2015 and 2010 as one of the nation’s most powerful and influential people in the civic sector by The Nonprofit Times—reflects on the potential, promise and deeply personal choice of giving for our island state.


Why do you love your job?

KT: Coming home after law school, I was determined to give back. I had the great fortune of a wonderful childhood and education growing up in Hawaii and I wanted to do the same for others. After 35 years of nonprofit work, I’ve been lucky to realize this dream every day and I am so proud of our work as the state’s largest nonprofit investor in people and solutions for Hawaii. We get to work with civic leaders, government officials and philanthropists who are incredibly dedicated to making Hawaii better. From creating scholarship funds that change the future of students, to organizing funders and civic leaders to tackle major issues of our day and to building the next generation of leaders, Hawai‘i Community Foundation has become an indispensable cornerstone of our state.


“The time comes in our lives when we ask ourselves, ‘What do I count for?’”


What is HCF poised to do for Hawaii’s next 100 years?

KT: Our expertise, fashioned from a century of experience, along with the strategic relationships and partnerships we have built to support philanthropy, have been really valuable for our donors and clients. With the impending generational transfer of wealth in this country and Hawaii valued in the trillions, we want to be part of answering the question: Will unlocking this vast wealth continue to make our community stronger?


Why does philanthropy matter to you?

KT: I believe philanthropy starts with the distinguishing human trait to connect with others to help, to support and to make a difference. I have seen the effect that generosity has brought to the lives of givers, to give them meaning in life beyond themselves. The time comes in our lives when we ask ourselves, ‘What do I count for?’ I encourage individuals, business owners big and small to ‘pay it forward,’ to discover the profound joy and personal satisfaction of giving to keep our community strong for those who follow us.


Did You Know

Hawai‘i Community Foundation, in partnership with Hawaii Business Magazine, will feature a story each month on local philanthropy that has changed a life, supported a family, or improved our community.


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