Red-hot Research

Number crunchers: Mattson-Sunderland Research and Planning Associates’ team.

August, 2000

Each year the Top 250 is a massive undertaking and model of teamwork. The key to the mix is Chris Tomoyasu, a professional librarian and the lead researcher for the past 17 years. The partners are Tomoyasu’s team of researchers, Mattson-Sunderland Research and Planning Associates, Inc. and Hawaii Business. The six months of research are made possible through the financial support of First Hawaiian Bank, in conjunction with KPMG and Matson Navigation Company.

Tomoyasu works with Hawaii Business early in the year, to compile a list of about 500 companies. Interviewers at Mattson-Sunderland contact the companies in April. This year, Mattson-Sunderland’s team of four interviewers worked in the call center under the supervision of Penny-Bee K. Bovard, Director of Field Operations. This was Penny’s first Top 250 experience. “I’m looking forward to next year,” says Bovard. “We had a great time.”

Tomoyasu’s team and Hawaii Business spend much of May chasing companies to verify and complete some survey information. In June, Tomoyasu crunches the numbers for the Top 250 listings and other charts. Hawaii Business goes over the final layout with a fine tooth comb until this issue goes to the printer in early July. We hope you enjoy the result of our Top 250 teamwork.


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