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Saint Francis School

October, 2014

Located in the heart of Manoa Valley, Saint Francis School was established in 1924 as a girl’s high school by the Sisters of Saint Francis.  One of the inspirations for the Sisters was Saint Marianne Cope, also a Franciscan nun, who

Sister Joan of Arc Souza

Sister Joan of Arc Souza

treated and lived with patients afflicted by Hansen’s disease on the island of Moloka’i. Today, former alumnus Sister Joan of Arc Souza continues to uphold and advance the legacy of Saint Marianne Cope as Saint Francis Schools’ Head of School.
Born in Pauoa Valley, Sister Joan of Arc Souza graduated from Saint Francis School in 1961 with the intention of becoming a Franciscan nun. After graduating and taking her final vows, she participated in parish ministries, youth ministries, and churches as a religion teacher in New York. In 1973, she returned to her alma mater of Saint Francis to teach religion.  Starting her tenure as principal in 1991, she has since become a progressive force of change spearheading changes to turn the school from a girl’s high school into a coeducational prescool-12th grade institution. Sister Joan of Arc’s leadership has been instrumental to the success and well-being for the school and its students.

As a leader herself, Sr. Joan of Arc Souza encourages young women and men to take on more than academics. A variety of clubs and organizations exist on campus to develop their leadership skills. For example, the Student Organization plans and celebrates school spirit events. The collaborative leadership learned in the organization enables students to be successful in the real world.

Today, Sister Joan of Arc Souza has continued Saint Francis School’s philosophy to educate and instill each and every student with the spiritual and academic foundation to contribute to his or her community. With an academically sound curriculum, a strong campus ministry program, and warm and caring Ohana, Saint Francis School provides students with the attention and care necessary to be confident citizens in their community who respect and value the dignity of all created.














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