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Selling Your Ideas

5 Steps to Effectively Selling Your Ideas

July, 2016

As a professional, you are selling yourself and your ideas every day. Jan Kaeo offers these five key steps to effectively selling your ideas:

1. BE MEMORABLE: MAKE A POSITIVE FIRST IMPRESSION. It begins at “Hello”: Be authentic, enthusiastic, bright and positive. Establish good eye contact and have enthusiasm in your voice and a genuine smile. A positive attitude goes a long way to selling your ideas. Even when working with col- leagues, your boss or longtime customers, you’ve got four to seven seconds from “Hello” to make it right. So, make your first 12 words count!

2. ASK QUESTIONS. Even if you have a solution, make sure you ask questions to ensure you have all the facts to solve the right challenge. Ask open- ended questions that usually begin with “How,” “Why” or “What” to gain a deeper understanding of what is important to the other person as they con- sider a solution. Then, listen carefully to make sure you will solve the right problem (vs. a symptom of a problem).

3. TALK IN TERMS OF THE OTHER PERSON’S INTEREST. This is Dale Carnegie’s Principle #8. Your team members and your customers want to know WIIFT (What’s In It For Them). So tell them. You’ll build strong relationships and win people to your way of thinking if you are able to tell them how they will benefit by considering your ideas and plans. You’ll build trust when your colleagues and customers know you are looking for the win-win.

4. CONFIRM THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM AND THE DESIRED OUTCOMES. Confirm that if you had a solution that met the other person’s needs and outcomes, your solution would be considered. You may need clarification about facts, needs or desired results and this information could change parts of your idea or solution. When you have all the facts, you’ve con- firmed the need and expected results, then, and only then, take Step 5.

5. PRESENT YOUR SOLUTION, STRATEGY OR IDEAS. When you present the solution, continue to talk in terms of their interest. You’ll be amazed at how effective you will become in selling your ideas and solutions.

These 5 Steps are the short version of the “Winning With Relationship Selling” course offered in Hawaii. 

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