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February, 2015

Sometimes it’s the seemingly small details like transporting your goods or storing supplies that turn out to be the largest expenses and biggest headaches in your business. That’s why our annual Shipping, Air, & Storage Guide is one of the favorites among business owners.

Take this scenario: you’ve just opened an online appendage to your retail business and the orders are rolling in. The only challenge is that they need to be professionally packaged, invoiced, and shipped across the country, and possibly the world. When your start fulfilling orders in the dozens, you’ll probably want a shipping partner who can streamline your process and add cost-saving efficiencies to your business.

Or maybe you’re on the team of one of our chief construction or engineering firms here in the islands. And you need a mechanical part. That weighs several tons. Delivered to Lanai. From the east coast. We’re highlighting point-to-point experts, such as The Delivery People, who have built their fast-growth businesses by taking what, for many of us, would be a logistical trauma and turning it into an elegantly seamless and stress-free process.

So many companies rely heavily on local storage and transportation experts to reduce their warehousing costs with timely shipments of goods, store valuable materials that they otherwise wouldn’t have space for but will need in the future, and coordinate complex and challenging moves for everything from heavy industrial to event equipment. Below we’ve collected the best in class to help you expand, grow, and streamline your operation.



In an increasingly globalized world, shipping and transportation logistics have never been more important. From household goods to defense transport, Hawaii is a hub of most Pacific trade, and the need for world-class services is at an all-time high. Enter, The Pasha Group.

A mainstay of the Hawaiian transportation industry since 1947, the company has tripled its growth during the past 10 years alone, and now has more than 1,000 team members in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

And the growth continues! In November 2014, it announced a plan to acquire Horizon Lines, Inc.’s Hawaii trade-lane business—a move that will further expand its already significant Hawaii-to-mainland services. “Pasha will be able to provide customers a more attractive and more competitive offering, including a wider choice of high-quality, scheduled shipping and logistics services for containers, refrigerated containers, and a variety of roll-on/roll-off cargoes,” George Pasha, IV, President and CEO explains.

Under this agreement Pasha will acquire a number of assets set to specifically help Hawaii businesses, including four container ships. Despite its ever-increasing size, the company stays nimble when it comes to identifying and implementing business solutions.

George Pasha, IV, President and CEO Pasha Hawaii

George Pasha, IV, President and CEO
Pasha Hawaii

It’s built its reputation by emphasizing environmental stewardship and commitment to excellent customer service. “First and foremost, we invest in our people and organization,” says Pasha. “That is critical to delivering excellence.”

Famously family-owned, Pasha is currently headed by George Pasha, IV since the passing of George Pasha, III in August of last year. Now in its third generation, and with a drive to meet ever-changing customer needs, Pasha is building on its legacy of supporting supply chain needs at every step. From maritime to automotive cargo and relocation support, The Pasha Group is serving our local needs, one ship at a time.



Did you know that over 51,000 12-ounce canned beverages, 24,000 heads of lettuce, or more than 2,000 20-pound bags of rice can fit in a 40’ Matson container? “It’s remarkable how much is transported in an average container shipment,” says Jeff Hull, Director of Public Relations for the company. “The economics of containerized ocean shipping make it one of the best transportation options around.”

A Matson ship arrives in Hawaii nearly every other day from the West Coast ports of Seattle, Oakland and Long Beach. Its iconic containers, over 138,000 transported per year, are packed full of supplies we need—from groceries to building materials—for day-to-day life.15-Feb-HB-Matson-01

Matson provides a lifeline between Hawaii and the mainland with just-in-time delivery and serves as an active link in our local economies. “The frequency and reliability of our shipping schedules allow companies to reduce their inventories, and therefore their warehousing costs,” Hull says. “We’re really part of their distribution systems, and it’s a privilege and responsibility that we take very seriously.”

The company also takes seriously its commitment to community and its environmental impact. Matson is the only container vessel company with a zero discharge policy, meaning only food scraps are thrown overboard while at sea and all other materials recycled. And as a Hawaii-based corporation that has served the Islands continuously since 1882, the majority of Matson’s corporate giving dollars and community service activities support non-profits in the Islands. During its first full year of operation in 2013, the Matson Foundation contributed over $1.6 million to 456 organizations, with 62% of donations awarded to non-profits in the state.

“We believe in stewardship in all that we do,” Hull says. “We give back to our communities, we strive to always improve our environmental policies, and we work closely with Hawaii businesses to become true partners in their success.”

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Delivery People

Husband and wife team, John and Shawna Fisher, launched The Delivery People on Maui in 2006 after noticing a gap in one-stop delivery services here in the islands.

“There are options for single modality deliveries such as air, ocean, or truck,” says John Fisher. “But what happens when you live here in Hawaii and you need an item from the middle of the mainland? You might have a trucking company deliver it to a ship, and then, once it arrives to Honolulu, you’ll need another provider to deliver it from the harbor to your home or business. We stepped in to fill that gap. We coordinate everything from the location pickup to the location drop off.”

The Delivery People has been fast growing ever since its debut nine years ago, and has since expanded its fleet and added locations in Honolulu, Kahului, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Its team of employees is now 45 strong and counting. The delivery business is demanding, with timeliness and meticulous handling determining repeat business. But for The Delivery People, no project is too tough or too big. The company handles everything from residential to commercial projects.

“We’ve delivered items as interesting as submarines, as common as household furniture, and as niched as stage equipment for entertainers. We’re very proud of that diversity because it speaks to our reputation for on-time delivery as well as very careful handling,” says Fisher. “We work hard to be the company that the military contracts for heavy equipment moves and that entertainers, like Bob Dylan recently, trust with their prized instruments and stage gear.”

The Delivery People specialize in:

• Air Freight
• Ocean Freight
• Special Projects
• Custom Brokerage
• Pickup & Delivery
• Long & Short-Term Storage
• Warehouse, Distribution, Inventory Management, Fulfillment

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Sause Bros

For over 80 years, Sause Bros. has served the Pacific Rim with superior marine transportation services. The shipping company is committed to a greener future, continuing to improve its fleet.
There is a shift in nearly every industry toward quality goods and services that are more environmentally-conscious but still affordable.

Last year, Sause Bros. introduced the barge Columbia with an advanced hull design that increased both its fuel efficiency and cargo capacity, as compared to its predecessor. Columbia features an internal fresh water ballast system. The water is contained on board, preventing the transportation of invasive species between Hawaii and the mainland.

Sause Bros. is mindful of its mission to innovatively serve its over 500 customers that regularly ship products to Hawaii.

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