Shrimp Improvement Systems Group, the world’s largest supplier of SPF shrimp broodstock, says it plans to consolidate all of its breeding activity at the Natural Energy Lab of Hawaii in Kona, pictured here. Photo: NELHA

Some Hawaii Shrimp Companies

September, 2014

Kona Bay Marine Resources

Kona Bay Marine Resources is an SPF shrimp broodstock supplier that started in Kona but is now based on Kauai. It’s a subsidiary of Integrated Aquaculture International.

Jim Sweeney, president of Kona Bay, recently reported: “Our broodstock are known as Kona Bay in the industry. We are the third-largest shrimp broodstock supplier in Asia, behind CP Thailand and CP Indonesia (owners of SIS). Last year, we shipped 209,000 SPF broodstock to Asia. This was a 300 percent increase over our previous year. In breeding, we’re working with shrimp families that grow well on a soy-based diet with zero fishmeal, a ‘veggie diet.’ Currently, 80 percent of our revenue comes from broodstock sales and 20 percent from processed farmed food shrimp. By the end of this year, we expect it to be closer to 50:50, due to expanding shrimp production from our ponds.”

Shrimp Improvement Systems Hawaii

Singapore-based Shrimp Improvement Systems Group Pte. Ltd. is the world’s largest supplier of SPF shrimp broodstock, with breeding operations in Hawaii, Florida, Singapore and India. SIS’s total capacity is around 350,000 pairs of broodstock a year.

In 2012, SIS purchased Jim Wyban’s company, High Health Aquaculture, and consolidated breeding stock, staff and facilities into SIS Hawaii operations. On March 7, 2014, SISH dedicated its new $10 million Hawaii Vannamei Breeding Center at the Natural Energy Lab of Hawaii.

About 40 percent of shrimp broodstock sold by SIS worldwide comes from the Hawaii breeding center. For the past 15 years, SIS conducted all its Pacific white shrimp selective breeding in Florida, but SISH president Joe Tabrah says all breeding activities now will be consolidated in Hawaii.

“The NELHA location has no endemic shrimp viruses and a strictly enforced biosecurity policy,” Tabrah says. “It also offers more stable environmental conditions and avoids the high risk of hurricanes that we faced in the Florida Keys.”

SISH says it continues to invest more than $1.5 million a year into the selective breeding of the giant tiger prawn or Asian tiger shrimp, with the expectation that this stock will be ready within the next two to three years. SISH says it has also recently developed an SPF stock of Pacific blue shrimp, which are also being selectively bred.

Molokai Sea Farms

MSF is an SPF broodstock supplier owned by Steve Chaikin that has operated at its current site on Molokai Ranch lands near Kaunakakai since 1984. MSF is the longest running aquaculture operation in Hawaii.

In 1999, MSF sold more than 10,000 pairs of broodstock to China, but then
lost the market to broodstock companies closer to China, such as SIS and CP Foods. But the company has come back and expects to sell 6,000 to 7,000 pairs of broodstock to China in 2014, priced at $80 a pair with a 10 percent discount.

“Our knowledgeable staff has been serving customers in over 20 countries for the past 10 years,” Chaikin says. One advantage that his company has is its location on the southwest shore of Molokai, far from development and the population centers,
he says.

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