Swinerton Builders

April, 2015

Swinerton Builders is known as one of Hawaii’s lead general contractors specializing in hospitality, retail, healthcare, federal, education, renewable energy and high-rise construction. It credits its success and longevity—the company is 127 years old this year—to a strong work culture and a solid commitment to providing the best in construction.

“A big part of our culture is building excellence in our people,” says Mark Tacazon, Marketing Manager. “Swinerton Builders has the best programs in the industry to help promote self-improvement and leadership development via our various leadership workshops, annual industry conferences and continuing education.”

Two programs that stand out include a robust internship program, which gives students the full experience of working on-site and alongside project teams to gain valuable experience and develop the real-life skills necessary to excel in the construction industry. Many of Swinerton’s student interns even become project engineers for the company post graduation.

The second program is a yearlong Project Engineer Rotation to promote career advancement and develop well-rounded PEs by working in different departments within the company. Some of these rotations include: 3D BIM Modeling/Virtual Design & Construction, Estimating, Preconstruction, Field Superintendent and Scheduling.

New hires regularly comment on Swinerton’s family-oriented environment and involved leadership. “From our quarterly employee-owner meetings to our annual summer picnic and holiday party, our executive team really makes an effort to promote a healthy and fun working environment for everyone,” Tacazon says. “That plays an important part in our success and motivates our people to pursue excellence in their work.”

If you want to work with great people and if you have a passion for building great things, there may be a spot for you on Swinerton’s team. Swinerton Builders—a 100 percent employee-owned company—is always looking for top-talent in Hawaii’s construction industry and encourages applicants to visit the website at www.swinerton.com or send a resume to Human Resource Manager, Jennifer Creedon, at jcreedon@swinerton.com. You can also follow current events and company news on the company’s Twitter account at @SwinertonHI.






1003 Bishop St. Suite 1340
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 521-8408

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