Top 250 List 2002 – Top 25

The top 25 companies from this year's Top 250.

August, 2002

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Rank 2002:1
Rank 2001:1
Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc.
Energy services and financial services.
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,727
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,719  
Percent change 00-01: 0.5%
Robert F. Clarke CHB, PR, CEO Peter C. Lewis VP/Administration, Sec Robert F. Mougeot CFO, VP/Finance, Tr. 
Employees: 3,189 

Year Founded: 1891/1983#

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO), Hawaii Electric Light Co. (HELCO), Maui Electric Co. (MECO), American Savings Bank. 

Footnotes: #Year of Hawaiian Electric Co. formation/Year of holding company formation.

Rank 2002:2
Rank 2001:2
BancWest Corp.
Financial services.
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,632
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,525.90  
Percent change 00-01: 7.0%
Walter A. Dods Jr. CHB, CEO Don J. McGrath PR, COO Gerard Denot Vice CHB John K. Tsui Vice CHB, CCO 
Employees: 5,475 

Year Founded: 1858/1974 #

Parent Company: BNP Paribas (France)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: First Hawaiian Bank (61 branches), Bank of the West (309 branches). 

Footnotes: # Year of bank incorporation/Year of holding company formation.

Rank 2002:3
Rank 2001:3
Schuler Homes Inc.
Developer of entry-level and first-time, move-up homes in Hawaii, Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington and Arizona.
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,602.60
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,341.50  
Percent change 00-01: 19.5%
James K. Schuler CO-CHB, PR, CEO Eugene S. Rosenfeld CO-CHB Craig A. Manchester Ex. VP, COO Thomas Connelly Sr. VP, CFO 
Employees: 1,100 

Year Founded: 1988

Footnotes: # Increase in revenues reflects merger with Western Pacific Housing (CA) and change in fiscal year ending 3/31 instead of 12/31.

Rank 2002:4
Rank 2001:4
Bank of Hawaii Corp. #
Bank holding company.
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,280.90
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,320.90  
Percent change 00-01: -3.0%
Michael E. O’Neill CHB, CEO, PR Alton T. Kuioka Vice CHB Donna A. Tanoue Vice CHB David W. Thomas Vice CHB 
Employees: 3,175 

Year Founded: 1897

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Bank of Hawaii, First Savings & Loan Association of America (Guam), Pacific Century Leasing Inc., Pacific Century Investment Services Inc., Triad Insurance Agency Inc., Bank of Hawaii Insurance Services. 

Footnotes: # Previously ranked as Pacific Century Financial Corp.

Rank 2002:5
Rank 2001:6
Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA)
Health insurance and employee benefit services.
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,216
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,122  
Percent change 00-01: 8.4%
Andrew I.T. Chang CHB Robert P. Hiam PR, CEO Michael A. Gold COO Steve Van Ribbink CFO 
Employees: 1,532 

Year Founded: 1938

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Integrated Services Inc., Benefit Services of Hawaii Inc.
Rank 2002:6
Rank 2001:7
Alexander & Baldwin Inc.
Ocean transportation; property development and management; food products.
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,190.10
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,068.60  
Percent change 00-01: 11.4%
Charles M. Stockholm CHB Allen Doane PR, CEO C. Bradley Mulholland Ex. VP James S. Andrasick Sr. VP, CFO 
Employees: 2,054 

Year Founded: 1870/1900 #

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Matson Navigation Co. Inc., A&B Properties Inc., Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. (HC&S) (div. of A&B), Kauai Coffee Co. Inc., Kahului Trucking & Storage Inc., Matson Intermodal System Inc., Matson Terminals Inc., Matson Logistic Solutions Inc., Kauai Commercial Co. Inc. 

Footnotes: # Year of founding/Year of incorporation.

Rank 2002:7
Rank 2001:5
Tesoro Hawaii Corp.
Petroleum refining; marketing and distribution; gasoline retailing.
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,100
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,300  
Percent change 00-01: -15.4%
Faye W. Kurren PR James Kappel VP/Refining Andrew T. Nomura VP/Marine & Utility Fuel Sales David H. Leonard VP/General Counsel 
Employees: 708 

Year Founded: 1904

Parent Company: Tesoro Petroleum Corp. (TX)
Rank 2002:8
Rank 2001:8
Kamehameha Schools
Private, non-profit charitable educational trust.
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,011.80
Sales ($mil) 00: 936  
Percent change 00-01: 8.1%
Douglas Ing CHB, Board of Trustees Hamilton I. McCubbin Ph.D. CEO Dudley Hare Ph.D. Acting Chief Education Officer Eric Yeaman COO/CFO 
Employees: 1,350 

Year Founded: 1884

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Kamehameha Activities Association, Bishop Holdings, Kamehameha Investment Corp., Pauahi Management Corp.
Rank 2002:9
Rank 2001:9
Cheap Tickets Inc.
Travel agencies.
Sales ($mil) 01: 691.4
Sales ($mil) 00: 665.5  
Percent change 00-01: 3.9%
Sam E. Galeotos CHB/Trip Network Inc. Jacob Stepan COO/Trip Network Inc. Evans Gebhardt Chief Mktg. Off./Trip Network Inc. 
Employees: 1,208 

Year Founded: 1986

Parent Company: Cendant Corp. (?)
Rank 2002:10
Rank 2001:11
Hawaiian Airlines Inc.
Commercial airline operations.
Sales ($mil) 01: 611.5
Sales ($mil) 00: 607.2  
Percent change 00-01: 0.7%
Paul J. Casey Vice CHB, CEO, PR H. Norman Davies Ex. VP/Operations Christine R. Deister Ex. VP, CFO John B. Happ Sr. VP/Mktg. & Sales 
Employees: 3,100 

Year Founded: 1929

Rank 2002:11
Rank 2001:13
Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program
Non-profit health maintenance organization (HMO); health plan and medical care.
Sales ($mil) 01: 560
Sales ($mil) 00: 525  
Percent change 00-01: 6.7%
Michael E. Chaffin MD PR/Hawaii Perm. Med. Grp. Bruce Behnke PR 
Employees: 3,385 

Year Founded: 1958

Parent Company: Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program (CA)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Inc., Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc., Hawaii Permanente Medical Group Inc.
Rank 2002:12
Rank 2001:10
Verizon Hawaii
Telecommunications products and services.
Sales ($mil) 01: 546.9
Sales ($mil) 00: 638.7  
Percent change 00-01: -14.4%
Ivan G. Seidenberg CEO Warren H. Haruki PR Joel Matsunaga VP/External Affairs Dennis S. Niimi VP/International 
Employees: 2,500 

Year Founded: 1883

Parent Company: Verizon Communications (NY)
Rank 2002:13
Rank 2001:12
Kyo-ya Co. Ltd.
Hotels (owner/operator), parking lots, retail stores, restaurants, insurance agencies.
Sales ($mil) 01: 499.8
Sales ($mil) 00: 587  
Percent change 00-01: -14.9%
Takamasa Osano PR Stanley Takahashi Ex. VP, COO Nobutada Nagai Asst. Sec. 
Employees: 3,762 

Year Founded: 1961

Parent Company: Kokusai Kogyo Co. Ltd. (Japan)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Princess Kaiulani Hotel (dba), Moana Surfrider Hotel (dba), Sheraton Waikiki Hotel (dba), Royal Hawaiian Hotel (dba), Sheraton Maui Hotel (dba), Palace Hotel (CA) (dba), Kyo-ya Restaurant (dba), Kyo-ya Oceanic Co. Ltd. (Australia), Grand Cypress Florida Inc. (FL), Beach Parking (dba), Surfrider Golf Shop (dba), Pacific Rim Insurance Corp., Kyo-ya Insurance Services Ltd.
Rank 2002:14
Rank 2001:0
Hawaii Pacific Health #
Adult, pediatric, obstetric and women’s health services; primary care through tertiary-level speciality services; research and teaching (4 hospitals, 17 clinics).
Sales ($mil) 01: 490
Sales ($mil) 00: 0  
Percent change 00-01: 0.0%
Roger Drue PR, CEO Chuck Sted Ex. VP, CFO Gail Lerch VP/Human Res. & Mktg. 
Employees: 5,468 

Year Founded: 1986

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children, Straub Clinic & Hospital, Kapi’olani Medical Center at Pali Momi, Wilcox Memorial Hospital, Kauai Medical Clinic, Kapi’olani Medical Specialists. 

Footnotes: # Formed by the merger of three Top 250 health systems: Kapi’olani, Straub and Wilcox.

Rank 2002:15
Rank 2001:16
Cutter Management Co.
New and used automobiles; wholesale and retail sales and leasing; parts division and distribution; mechanical vehicle servicing and maintenance.
Sales ($mil) 01: 470
Sales ($mil) 00: 437  
Percent change 00-01: 7.6%
Gerald H. Cutter CHB Nick S. Cutter PR Herman S. Jones VP/Finance, Sec., Tr. 
Employees: 968 

Year Founded: 1974

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Cutter Ford Inc. (dba Cutter Ford/Isuzu), Cutter Dodge Inc. (dba Cutter Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep), Cutter Chevrolet Inc. (dba Cutter Chevrolet, Mitsubishi), Cutter of Maui Inc. (dba Cutter Nissan, Hyundai, Mitsubishi), Cutter Automotive Galleries (dba Cutter Motors), Cutter Motor Cars Inc. (dba Cutter Ala Moana Volkswagen Mazda), Cutter Imports Inc. (dba Cutter Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep of Waipahu), Cutter Dodge Chrysler, Jeep of Pearl City Inc., Cutter Automotive Center (dba Cutter Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Pontiac, Buick & GMC, dba Cutter Mazda, VW). Cutter Pontiac-Buick-GMC of Waipahu Inc. Hillis Motors Inc., Hawaii Distributors Inc., CJW Motors Inc. (dba Hawaii Mitsubishi).
Rank 2002:16
Rank 2001:14
The Queen’s Health Systems
Allied health care services.
Sales ($mil) 01: 444
Sales ($mil) 00: 451  
Percent change 00-01: -1.6%
Robert C. Oshiro CHB Gary A. Okamoto MD PR, CEO Tracy T. Woo Ex. VP, Corp. Sec. Francis D. Fraher VP, Tr. 
Employees: 4,055 

Year Founded: 1859/1985 #

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: The Queen’s Medical Center, The Queen Emma Foundation, Molokai General Hospital, Queen’s Development Corp., Queen’s Insurance, AIF Inc., Diagnostic Laboratory Services Inc., The Queen’s Health Care Centers, CareResource Hawaii, Hawaii Medical Library, Hamamatsu/Queen’s PET Imaging Center LLC. 

Footnotes: #Year of hospital founding/Year of Queen’s Health Systems founding.

Rank 2002:17
Rank 2001:18
Servco Pacific Inc.
Automotive and marine; appliances and electronics; office, equipment and educational products; insurance; real estate development; specialty retailing.
Sales ($mil) 01: 428
Sales ($mil) 00: 413  
Percent change 00-01: 3.6%
Mark H. Fukunaga CHB, CEO Eric S. Fukunaga PR, COO 
Employees: 1,237 

Year Founded: 1919

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Lexus dealerships (1 on Oahu, 1 on Maui); Toyota dealerships (5 on Oahu, 1 on Kauai) & Distribution; Chevrolet dealerships (2 on Oahu); Rex Tire & Supply; Jobber Automotive Warehouse Supply; Distributor of GE, RCA, Sanyo appliances and electronics, Bosch appliances; American Insurance Agency; Servco Integrated Office Technology (Ricoh/Canon); Education Works; Easy Music Center (division); Pacific International Co.(operations in Guam & Marshall Islands) (50%).
Rank 2002:18
Rank 2001:19
Outrigger Enterprises Inc.
Hawaii-based full-service lodging and hospitality-services company.
Sales ($mil) 01: 400
Sales ($mil) 00: 405  
Percent change 00-01: -1.2%
Richard R. Kelley MD CHB W. David P. Carey III PR, CEO Perry Sorenson COO Rob Solomon Sr. VP/Sales & Mktg. 
Employees: 3,000 

Year Founded: 1947

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Outrigger Hotels & Resorts (15), OHANA properties (18), Waikiki Shore, The Palms at Wailea, Maui Eldorado Resort, Napili Shores, Royal Kahana, Lae Nani, Kanaloa at Kona.
Rank 2002:19
Rank 2001:17
JTB Hawaii Inc.
Travel agency and travel-related business.
Sales ($mil) 01: 342.8
Sales ($mil) 00: 426  
Percent change 00-01: -19.5%
Akio Yamakita VP 
Employees: 452 

Year Founded: 1964

Parent Company: JTB Corp. (Japan)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: JTB Overseas Development Corp., Travel Plaza Transportation LLC, JTL Enterprises LLC.
Rank 2002:20
Rank 2001:24
Aloha Airgroup Inc.
Air transportation services.
Sales ($mil) 01: 336.8
Sales ($mil) 00: 315.5  
Percent change 00-01: 6.8%
Han H. Ching CHB Glenn R. Zander PR, CEO 
Employees: 2,946 

Year Founded: 1946

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Aloha Airlines Inc., Island Air Inc.
Rank 2002:21
Rank 2001:28
Castle & Cooke Inc.
Development and ownership of real estate; leasing of transportation equipment; manufacturer of brick and air-conditioning equipment; ownership of public warehouses.
Sales ($mil) 01: 315
Sales ($mil) 00: 261  
Percent change 00-01: 20.7%
David H. Murdock CHB, CEO Edward C. Roohan PR, COO Harry Saunders PR/Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii Inc. 
Employees: 1,231 

Year Founded: 1851

Parent Company: Castle & Cooke Inc. (CA)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii Inc., Castle & Cooke Homes Properties Inc., Castle & Cooke Resorts LLC, Lanai Builders.
Rank 2002:22
Rank 2001:29
Dick Pacific Construction Co. Ltd.
General contractor.
Sales ($mil) 01: 280
Sales ($mil) 00: 254  
Percent change 00-01: 10.2%
Denny Watts PR, CEO James Ramirez Sr. VP/Business Dev. Gerry Majkut Sr. VP/Hawaii Operations Lane Uchimura Sr. VP/Special Projects 
Employees: 600 

Year Founded: 1939

Parent Company: Dick Corp. (PA)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Dick Pacific (Guam), Dick Pacific (Alaska).
Rank 2002:23
Rank 2001:23
Sprint Hawaii
Sales ($mil) 01: 272
Sales ($mil) 00: 318.3  
Percent change 00-01: -14.5%
Nonie Toledo VP, GM 
Employees: 260 

Year Founded: 1981/1989 #

Parent Company: Sprint Corp. (MO)

Footnotes: # Year of formation/Year of purchase by U.S. Sprint.

Rank 2002:24
Rank 2001:25
Dillingham Construction Pacific Ltd.
General construction contractor.
Sales ($mil) 01: 269
Sales ($mil) 00: 304  
Percent change 00-01: -11.5%
William J. Wilson PR, CEO Stanley H. Osada Sr. VP, GM/Operations Allan Lock VP/Mktg. Padraic Riley VP/Finance 
Employees: 500 

Year Founded: 1902

Parent Company: Dillingham Construction Corp. (CA)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co. (div.).
Rank 2002:25
Rank 2001:31
Hawaii Health Systems Corp.
Acute, long-term and rural healthcare provider.
Sales ($mil) 01: 243
Sales ($mil) 00: 240  
Percent change 00-01: 1.3%
Thomas M. Driskill Jr. PR, CEO Kelley C. Roberson COO, CFO Dennis Y. Sato VP, CIO Alice M. Hall VP, Gen. Counsel 
Employees: 3,205 

Year Founded: 1884/1996

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Maui Memorial Medical Center (Maui Region), Kula Hospital (Maui Region), Lanai Community Hospital (Lanai Region), Hilo Medical Center (East Hawaii Region), Hale Hoola Hamakua (East Hawaii Region), Kau Hospital (East Hawaii Region), Kona Community Hospital (West Hawaii Region), Kohala Hospital (West Hawaii Region), Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital (Kauai Region), Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital (Kauai Region), Leahi Hospital (Oahu Region), Maluhia Hospital (Oahu Region).

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