Top 250 List – Top 10

The top 10 companies from this year's Top 250.

August, 2001
Rank 2001: 1
Rank 2000: 1
Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc.
Electric services and financial services.
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,719
Sales ($mil) 99: 1,523.3
Percent change 99-00: 12.8%
Robert F. Clarke CHB, PR, CEO T. Michael May Sr. VP Robert F. Mougeot CFO, VP/Finance, Tr.
Employees: 3,126

Year Founded: 1891/1983 See footnote.

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO), Hawaii Electric Light Co. (HELCO), Maui Electric Co. (MECO), HEI Power Corp., American Savings Bank.

Footnotes: Year of Hawaiian Electric Co. formation/Year of holding company formation.

Rank 2001: 2
Rank 2000: 2
BancWest Corp.
Financial services.
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,525.9
Sales ($mil) 99: 1,333.3
Percent change 99-00: 14.4%
Walter A. Dods Jr. CHB, CEO Don J. McGrath PR, COO Joel Sibrac Vice CHB John K. Tsui Vice CHB, CCO
Employees: 5,000

Year Founded: 1858/1974 See footnote.

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: First Hawaiian Bank (59 branches), Bank of the West (193 branches).

Footnotes: Year of bank incorporation/Year of holding company formation.

Rank 2001: 3
Rank 2000: 10
Schuler Homes Inc.
Developer of entry-level & first-time, move-up homes in Hawaii, Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, & Arizona.
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,345.5 See footnote.
Sales ($mil) 99: 506.8
Percent change 99-00: 165.5%
James K. Schuler CO-CHB, PR, CEO Eugene S. Rosenfeld CO-CHB Craig A. Manchester Ex. VP, COO Thomas Connelly Sr. VP, CFO
Employees: 1,022

Year Founded: 1988

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Schuler Residential (HI), Western Pacific Housing (CA), Melody Homes Inc. (CO), Schuler Homes of California, Schuler Homes of Washington, Schuler Homes of Oregon, Stafford Homes (WA), Schuler Homes of Arizona.

Footnotes: Increase in revenues reflects merger with Western Pacific Housing (CA) and change in fiscal year ending 3/31 instead of 12/31.

Rank 2001: 4
Rank 2000: 3
Pacific Century Financial Corp.
Bank holding company.
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,320.9
Sales ($mil) 99: 1,292.1
Percent change 99-00: 2.2%
Michael E. O’Neill CHB, CEO Richard J. Dahl PR Alton T. Kuioka Vice CHB Mary P. Carryer Vice CHB
Employees: 4,162

Year Founded: 1897

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Bank of Hawaii, Pacific Century Bank N.A., First Savings & Loan Association of America (Guam), Pacific Century Leasing Inc., Pacific Century Investment Services, Triad Insurance Agency Inc., Bankoh Insurance Agency Inc.
Rank 2001: 5
Rank 2000: 6
Tesoro Hawaii Corp.
Petroleum refining, marketing & distribution; gasoline retailing.
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,300
Sales ($mil) 99: 868
Percent change 99-00: 49.8%
Faye W. Kurren PR James Kappel VP/Refining Andrew T. Nomura VP/Marine & Utility Fuel Sales Eric C.D. Lee VP/GM, Retail
Employees: 682

Year Founded: 1904

Parent Company: Tesoro Petroleum Corp. (TX)
Rank 2001: 6
Rank 2000: 4
Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA)
Health insurance & employee benefit services.
Sales ($mil) 00: 1122
Sales ($mil) 99: 1039 See footnote.
Percent change 99-00: 8.0%
Andrew I.T. Chang CHB Robert P. Hiam PR, CEO Michael A. Gold COO Steve Van Ribbink CFO
Employees: 1,535

Year Founded: 1,938

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Integrated Services Inc. Benefit Services of Hawaii Inc.

Footnotes: 2000 sales corrected from figure appearing in previous year’s Top 250

Rank 2001: 7
Rank 2000: 5
Alexander & Baldwin Inc.
Ocean transportation, property development & management, food products.
Sales ($mil) 00: 1,068.6
Sales ($mil) 99: 1,000 See footnote.
Percent change 99-00: 6.9%
Charles M. Stockholm CHB W. Allen Doane PR, CEO C. Bradley Mulholland Ex. VP James S. Andrasick Sr. VP, CFO
Employees: 2,029

Year Founded: 1870/1900

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Matson Navigation Co. Inc., A&B Properties Inc., Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. (HC&S) (div. of A&B), Kauai Coffee Co. Inc., Kahului Trucking & Storage Inc. Matson Intermodal System Inc., Matson Terminals Inc., Matson Logistic Solutions Inc., Kauai Commercial Co. Inc.

Footnotes: 2000 sales corrected from figure appearing in previous year’s Top 250 6 Year of founding/Year of incorporation.

Rank 2001: 8
Rank 2000: 7
Kamehameha Schools
Private, non-profit charitable educational trust.
Sales ($mil) 00: 936
Sales ($mil) 99: 839
Percent change 99-00: 11.6%
Robert K. U. Kihune CHB, Board of Trustees Hamilton I. McCubbin CEO Michael J. Chun Acting Chief Education Officer Wendell F. Brooks Jr. Chief Investment Officer
Employees: 1,250

Year Founded: 1884

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Kamehameha Activities Association, Bishop Holdings, Kamehameha Investment Corp., Pauahi Management Corp.
Rank 2001: 9
Rank 2000: 11
Cheap Tickets Inc.
Travel agencies.
Sales ($mil) 00: 665.5
Sales ($mil) 99: 495.3
Percent change 99-00: 34.4%
Michael J. Hartley Ex. CHB Sam E. Galeotos PR, COO Tammy A. Ishibashi Ex. VP, Tr.
Employees: 1,051

Year Founded: 1986

Parent Company: Cheap Tickets Inc. (HI)
Rank 2001: 10
Rank 2000: 8
Verizon Hawaii See footnote.
Telecommunications products & services.
Sales ($mil) 00: 638.7
Sales ($mil) 99: 679.1
Percent change 99-00: -5.9%
Ivan G. Seidenberg CEO Warren H. Haruki PR Joel Matsunaga VP/External Affairs Dennis S. Niimi VP/International
Employees: 2,520

Year Founded: 1883

Parent Company: Verizon Communications (NY)

Footnotes: Previously ranked as GTE Hawaiian Tel.


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