Top 250 List – Top 25

The top 25 companies from this year's Top 250.

August, 2003
Rank 2003:1
Rank 2002:2
BancWest Corp.
Financial services.
Sales ($mil) 02: 1,992
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,632  
Percent change 01-02: 22.1%
Walter A. Dods Jr. CHB, CEO
Don J. McGrath PR, COO
Gerard Denot Vice CHB 
Donald G. Horner Ex. VP 
Employees: 7,753 

Year Founded: 1858/1974 #

Parent Company: BNP Paribas (France)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: First Hawaiian Bank (61 branches), Bank of the West (297 branches). 

Footnotes: # Year of bank incorporation/Year of holding company formation.

Rank 2003:2
Rank 2002:7
Tesoro Hawaii Corp.
Petroleum refining; marketing and distribution; gasoline retailing.
Sales ($mil) 02: 1,688
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,100  
Percent change 01-02: 53.5%
Faye she retires TK PR
James Kappel VP/Refining
David H. Leonard VP/General Counsel 
Employees: 675 

Year Founded: 1904

Parent Company: Tesoro Petroleum Corp. (TX)
Rank 2003:3
Rank 2002:1
Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc.
Energy services and financial services.
Sales ($mil) 02: 1,654
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,727  
Percent change 01-02: -4.2%
Robert F. Clarke CHB, PR, CEO
T. Michael May PR, CEO/HECO
Constance H. Lau PR, CEO/ASB 
Eric K. Yeaman CFO, VP/Finance, Tr. 
Employees: 3,220 

Year Founded: 1891/1983#

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO), Hawaii Electric Light Co. (HELCO), Maui Electric Co. (MECO), American Savings Bank (ASB). 

Footnotes: #Year of Hawaiian Electric Co. formation/Year of holding company formation.

Rank 2003:4
Rank 2002:5
Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA)
Health insurance and employee-benefit services.
Sales ($mil) 02: 1,590
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,216  
Percent change 01-02: 30.8%
Gary K. Kajiwara CHB
Robert P. Hiam PR, CEO
Michael A. Gold COO 
Steve Van Ribbink CFO 
Employees: 1,497 

Year Founded: 1938

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Integrated Services Inc., Benefit Services of Hawaii Inc.
Rank 2003:5
Rank 2002:6
Alexander & Baldwin Inc.
Ocean transportation; property development and management; food products.
Sales ($mil) 02: 1,088.90
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,190.10  
Percent change 01-02: -8.5%
Charles M. Stockholm CHB
Allen Doane PR, CEO
James Andrasick Ex. VP, Tr., CFO 
C. Bradley Mulholland Ex. VP 
Employees: 2,025 

Year Founded: 1870/1900 #

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Matson Navigation Co. Inc., A&B Properties Inc., Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. (HC&S) (div. of A&B), Kauai Coffee Co. Inc., Kahului Trucking & Storage Inc., Matson Intermodal System Inc., Matson Logistic Solutions Inc., Kauai Commercial Co. Inc., East Maui Irrigation Co. Ltd. 

Footnotes: # Year of founding/Year of incorporation.

Rank 2003:6
Rank 2002:4
Bank of Hawaii Corp.
Bank holding company.
Sales ($mil) 02: 716.5
Sales ($mil) 01: 1,280.90  
Percent change 01-02: -44.1%
Michael E. O’Neill CHB, CEO, PR
Alton T. Kuioka Vice CHB
Donna A. Tanoue Vice CHB 
David W. Thomas Vice CHB 
Employees: 2,891 

Year Founded: 1897

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Bank of Hawaii, Bank of Hawaii Leasing Inc., Bankoh Investment Services Inc., Triad Insurance Agency Inc., Bank of Hawaii Insurance Services. 

Footnotes: # Previously ranked as Pacific Century Financial Corp.

Rank 2003:7
Rank 2002:11
Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program
Non-profit health maintenance organization (HMO); health plan and medical care.
Sales ($mil) 02: 632
Sales ($mil) 01: 560  
Percent change 01-02: 12.9%
Michael E. Chaffin MD PR/Hawaii Permanente Medical Care Group
Bruce Behnke PR

Employees: 3,663 

Year Founded: 1958

Parent Company: Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program (CA)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Inc., Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc., Hawaii Permanente Medical Group Inc.
Rank 2003:8
Rank 2002:10
Hawaiian Airlines Inc.
Commercial airline operations.
Sales ($mil) 02: 632
Sales ($mil) 01: 611.5  
Percent change 01-02: 3.4%
Joshua Gotbaum Trustee#
Mark B. Dunkerley COO, PR
H. Norman Davies Ex. VP/Operations 
Christine R. Deister Ex. VP, CFO 
Employees: 3,491 

Year Founded: 1929

Footnotes: # John Monahan was appointed Chapter 11 trustee in June. John Adams remains CHB, CEO.

Rank 2003:9
Rank 2002:14
Hawaii Pacific Health
Adult, pediatric, obstetric and women’s health services; primary care through tertiary-level speciality services; research and teaching (4 hospitals, 17 clinics).
Sales ($mil) 02: 550
Sales ($mil) 01: 490  
Percent change 01-02: 12.2%
Roger Drue PR, CEO
Chuck Sted Ex. VP, CFO
Gail Lerch VP/Human Resources and Marketing 
Employees: 5,449 

Year Founded: 2001

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children, Straub Clinic & Hospital, Kapi’olani Medical Center at Pali Momi, Wilcox Memorial Hospital, Kauai Medical Clinic, Kapi’olani Medical Specialists.
Rank 2003:10
Rank 2002:12
Verizon Hawaii
Telecommunications products and services.
Sales ($mil) 02: 530.6
Sales ($mil) 01: 546.9  
Percent change 01-02: -3.0%
Warren H. Haruki PR
Joel Matsunaga VP/External Affairs
Keith Nagata VP/Sales 
Employees: 2,100 

Year Founded: 1883

Parent Company: Verizon Communications (NY)
Rank 2003:11
Rank 2002:15
Cutter Management Co.
New and used automobiles; wholesale, retail sales and leasing; parts, division and distribution; mechanical-vehicle servicing and maintenance.
Sales ($mil) 02: 472
Sales ($mil) 01: 470  
Percent change 01-02: 0.4%
Gerald H. Cutter CHB
Nick S. Cutter PR
Herman S. Jones VP/Finance, Sec., Tr. 
Employees: 941 

Year Founded: 1974

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Cutter Ford Inc. (dba Cutter Ford/Isuzu); Cutter Dodge Inc. (dba Cutter Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep); Cutter Chevrolet Inc. (dba Cutter Chevrolet); Cutter of Maui Inc. (dba Cutter Mazda, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Mitsubishi); Cutter Automotive Galleries (dba Cutter Motors); Cutter Motor Cars Inc. (dba Cutter Ala Moana Volkswagen Mazda); Cutter Imports Inc. (dba Cutter Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep of Waipahu); Cutter Dodge Chrysler, Jeep of Pearl City Inc.; Cutter Pontiac-Buick-GMC of Waipahu Inc. (dba Cutter Pontiac, Buick, GMC and Mazda of Waipahu); Hillis Motors Inc.; Hawaii Distributors Inc.; CJW Motors Inc. (dba Hawaii Mitsubishi).
Rank 2003:12
Rank 2002:17
Servco Pacific Inc.
Automotive and marine; appliances and electronics; educational products; insurance; real estate development; specialty retailing.
Sales ($mil) 02: 467
Sales ($mil) 01: 428  
Percent change 01-02: 9.1%
Mark H. Fukunaga CHB, CEO
Eric S. Fukunaga PR, COO

Employees: 1,103 

Year Founded: 1919

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Lexus dealerships (1 on Oahu, 1 on Maui); Toyota and Suzuki dealerships and distribution (5 on Oahu, 1 on Kauai); Chevrolet dealerships (2 on Oahu); Rex Tire & Supply; Jobber Automotive Warehouse Supply; Servco Appliance & Electronics Division (Distributor of GE, RCA, Sanyo appliances and electronics, Bosch appliances); Servco Insurance Services; Education Works; Easy Music Center (division); Pacific International Co.(operations on Guam); Pacific Marshalls Inc. (Marshall Islands )(50%).
Rank 2003:13
Rank 2002:13
Kyo-ya Co. Ltd.
Hotels (owner and operator); parking lots; retail stores; restaurants; insurance agencies.
Sales ($mil) 02: 466.4
Sales ($mil) 01: 499.8  
Percent change 01-02: -6.7%
Takamasa Osano PR
Ernest Nishizaki Ex. VP, COO
Nobutada Nagai Sr. VP 
Employees: 3,638 

Year Founded: 1961

Parent Company: Kokusai Kogyo Co. Ltd. (Japan)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Princess Kaiulani Hotel (dba), Moana Surfrider Hotel (dba), Sheraton Waikiki Hotel (dba), Royal Hawaiian Hotel (dba), Sheraton Maui Hotel (dba), Palace Hotel (CA) (dba), Kyo-ya Restaurant (dba), Kyo-ya Oceanic Co. Ltd. (Australia), Grand Cypress Florida Inc. (FL), Beach Parking (dba), Surfrider Golf Shop (dba), Pacific Rim Insurance Corp., Kyo-ya Insurance Services Ltd.
Rank 2003:14
Rank 2002:16
The Queen’s Health Systems
Allied health care services.
Sales ($mil) 02: 453
Sales ($mil) 01: 444  
Percent change 01-02: 2.0%
Robert C. Oshiro CHB
Gary A. Okamoto MD PR, CEO
Tracy T. Woo Ex. VP, Corporate Secretary 
Francis D. Fraher VP, Tr. 
Employees: 3,400 

Year Founded: 1859/1985 #

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: The Queen’s Medical Center, The Queen Emma Foundation, Molokai General Hospital, Queen’s Development Corp., Queen’s Insurance AIF Inc., Diagnostic Laboratory Services Inc., The Queen’s Health Care Centers, CareResource Hawaii, Hawaii Medical Library, Hamamatsu/Queen’s PET Imaging Center LLC. 

Footnotes: #Year of hospital founding/Year of Queen’s Health Systems founding.

Rank 2003:15
Rank 2002:18
Outrigger Enterprises Inc.
Hawaii-based, full-service lodging; hospitality services. or
Sales ($mil) 02: 387
Sales ($mil) 01: 400  
Percent change 01-02: -3.3%
Richard R. Kelley MD CHB
W. David P. Carey III PR, CEO
Perry Sorenson COO 
Rob Solomon Sr. VP/Sales and Marketing 
Employees: 3,000 

Year Founded: 1947

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Outrigger Hotels & Resorts (29); OHANA Hotels & Resorts (18); Outrigger Lodging Services (16); Outrigger Australia Pty. Ltd. (14); Outrigger Guam Limited Partnership (3); Outrigger Condominium Collection (10); Outrigger Hotels USA Inc.; Outrigger Marketing Inc.; Outrigger Pacific Inc.; Outrigger Resort Club by Fairfield; Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach; Outrigger Reef on the Beach; Outrigger Reef Fiji; Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort; Outrigger Queenstown at the Beacon; Waikoloa Beach Marriott, an Outrigger Resort; Wailea Marriott, an Outrigger Resort.
Rank 2003:16
Rank 2002:19
JTB Hawaii Inc.
Travel agency; travel-related business.
Sales ($mil) 02: 380.4
Sales ($mil) 01: 342.8  
Percent change 01-02: 11.0%
Akio Yamakita VP

Employees: 342 

Year Founded: 1964

Parent Company: JTB Corp. (Japan)
Rank 2003:17
Rank 2002:22
Dick Pacific Construction Co. Ltd.
General contractor; designer and builder.
Sales ($mil) 02: 375
Sales ($mil) 01: 280  
Percent change 01-02: 33.9%
Gerry Majkut GM, Sr. VP/Hawaii
Lane Uchimura Sr. VP/Commercial & Special Projects Division
Wil Ideue VP/Federal Division 
James Ramirez GM, Sr. VP/Alaska & North Pacific 
Employees: 600 

Year Founded: 1939/1986/1999/2002 #

Parent Company: Dick Corp. (PA)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Dick Pacific (Guam). 

Footnotes: #Year Pacific Construction established/Year Fletcher Challenge acquired/Year Dick Corp. acquired/Year Dick Pacific restructured

Rank 2003:18
Rank 2002:20
Aloha Airgroup Inc.
Air transportation services.
Sales ($mil) 02: 358
Sales ($mil) 01: 336.8  
Percent change 01-02: 6.3%
Han H. Ching CHB
Glenn R. Zander PR, CEO
Brenda F. Cutwright Ex. VP, COO 
Employees: 3,290 

Year Founded: 1946

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Aloha Airlines Inc., Island Air Inc.
Rank 2003:19
Rank 2002:0
Hilton Hawaii #
Resort hotel.
Sales ($mil) 02: 299
Sales ($mil) 01: 304  
Percent change 01-02: -1.6%
Peter H. Schall Sr. VP/Hawaii
Roberta Rinker-Ludloff VP/Regional Marketing -Hawaii
Noel G. Trainor GM/Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa 
Dieter Seeger GM/Hilton Waikoloa Village 
Employees: 2,976 

Year Founded: 1919/1961##

Parent Company: Hilton Hotels Corp. (CA)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa, Hilton Waikoloa Village. 

Footnotes: # Previously ranked separately as Hilton Hawaiian Village and Hilton Waikoloa. ## Year of parent founding/Year Hawaii operations began.

Rank 2003:20
Rank 2002:21
Castle & Cooke Inc.
Development and ownership of real estate, hotels and golf courses.
Sales ($mil) 02: 274
Sales ($mil) 01: 315  
Percent change 01-02: -13.0%
David H. Murdock CHB, CEO
Edward C. Roohan PR, COO
Harry Saunders PR/Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii Inc. 
Gerrit C. Cormany PR/Castle & Cooke Resorts LLC 
Employees: 1285 

Year Founded: 1851

Parent Company: Castle & Cooke Inc. (CA)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii Inc., Castle & Cooke Homes Properties Inc., Castle & Cooke Resorts, LLC, Lana’i Builders.
Rank 2003:21
Rank 2002:25
Hawaii Health Systems Corp.
Acute, long-term and rural healthcare provider.
Sales ($mil) 02: 270
Sales ($mil) 01: 243  
Percent change 01-02: 11.1%
Thomas M. Driskill Jr. PR, CEO
Kelley C. Roberson COO, CFO
Barbara A. Kahana VP, CIO 
Rene Y. McWade VP, Gen. Counsel 
Employees: 3,400 

Year Founded: 1884/1996

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Maui Memorial Medical Center (Maui Region), Kula Hospital (Maui Region), Lanai Community Hospital (Lanai Region), Hilo Medical Center (East Hawaii Region), Hale Ho’ola Hamakua (East Hawaii Region), Kau Hospital (East Hawaii Region), Kona Community Hospital (West Hawaii Region), Kohala Hospital (West Hawaii Region), Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital (Kauai Region), Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital (Kauai Region), Leahi Hospital (Oahu Region), Maluhia (Oahu Region).
Rank 2003:22
Rank 2002:27
Oceanic Cablevision
Cable TV.
Sales ($mil) 02: 249
Sales ($mil) 01: 211  
Percent change 01-02: 18.0%
Don E. Carroll CHB
Nathaniel (Nate) Smith PR

Employees: 679 

Year Founded: 1968

Parent Company: AOL/Time Warner Inc. (NY)
DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Hawaiian Cablevision of Hilo, Sun Cablevision (Kona), Hawaiian Cablevision (Maui, Molokai, Lanai). Kauai Cablevision
Rank 2003:23
Rank 2002:28
Kuakini Health System
Health care.
Sales ($mil) 02: 218
Sales ($mil) 01: 205  
Percent change 01-02: 6.3%
Margaret Oda CHB
Gary Kajiwara PR, CEO
Darryl Ing Sr. VP, COO 
Gregg Oishi VP, CFO 
Employees: 1,140 

Year Founded: 1900/1983#

DBA’s, subsidiaries or divisions: Kuakini Medical Center, Kuakini Geriatric Care Inc., Kuakini Foundation, Kuakini Support Services Inc., Kuakini Development Corp., Kuakini Pacific Corp. 

Footnotes: #Year of medical center incorporation/Year of health system formation.

Rank 2003:24
Rank 2002:30
The Estate of James Campbell
Trust property management; leasing of land and buildings in Hawaii and U.S. mainland; development of the City of Kapolei.
Sales ($mil) 02: 188
Sales ($mil) 01: 179  
Percent change 01-02: 5.0%
R. J. “Zap” Zlatoper CHB of Trustees
Stephen H. MacMillan CEO

Employees: 114 

Year Founded: 1900

Rank 2003:25
Rank 2002:31
Sony Hawaii Co.
Electronic goods wholesaler.
Sales ($mil) 02: 186.8
Sales ($mil) 01: 178  
Percent change 01-02: 4.9%
Ryozo Sakai PR
Don Kim Sr. VP, Controller
Karl Okemura VP 
Employees: 71 

Year Founded: 1968

Parent Company: Sony Corp. (Japan)

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