Top Financial Advisors and Much More

February, 2006

Who do you trust with your money? You hold in your hands a great starting point. This issue contains a list of the top financial advisors in the state. The list is compiled by The Winner’s Circle, an organization which has done similar national-level lists for Barron’s.

There have also been some changes and improvements to Hawaii Business. We have expanded our HBuzz section to include even more short, quick stories of interest. A new department, “5 things …” will tell you five things you need to know right now. This month, it’s all about the omiyage to bring back from your next neighbor island business trip.

We’ve added a forward-looking department, which utilizes our rich, 50-year-old archives entitled, “Now and Again.” For years, we took you inside some awesome offices on our last editorial page, which used to be “Room at the Top.” Our last page is now called, “Parting Shot,” and will feature the best work of our freelance photographers as they show you the business of life or the lives of business people in a single full-page parting shot.

Last, but not least, it’s a pleasure to let you know that our small business section will be a part of our magazine every month, instead of every-other month. As part of our increased coverage of small businesses, Hawaii Business will hold an event in early 2007 to recognize outstanding small businesses and will run their stories in our January 2007 issue.

We would like your help in identifying small businesses with great stories. If you know of a compelling Hawaii small business story, please email us. We want to know about rapid growth, strong innovation, great longevity, the overcoming of a specific challenge or a dramatic turnaround. We would love to get in touch with your notable small businesses as soon as possible. So contact us soon and tell us why the small business you are nominating shows notable achievement. A description of the business’s accomplishments should be no more than two pages and should include contact information for both you and the nominee.

Mahalo for your support. We’re looking forward to telling more great stories about strong and resilient Hawaii businesses of all sizes.


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