Top 10 Stories of 2016

#10 and #9

November, 2016

Hawaii Business is thankful to be strengthening the local economy and helping our communities thrive by offering insightful and engaging content for the past 61 years. This attitude of gratitude has us looking back on all of the editorial features from this past year, and we compiled a list of the top 10 stories of 2016 according to web traffic with behind-the-scenes manao (thoughts) from our staff. We hope you enjoyed reading these stories as much as we loved bringing them to you. Kicking off our countdown are two stories that will take you “Back to the Future” because “where we’re going we don’t need roads.”




MARCH 2016

Author: Brooke LaPorte

When asked what motivated contributing writer Brooke LaPorte she replied, “Sheer curiosity and maybe a little jealousy?”

“These local social media stars are a type of digital talent that don’t fit neatly into professional categories such as celebrity or artist,” says LaPorter. “I wanted to know how these folks transform their online personas into a business. I think a few influencers I reached out to thought I was a creepy stalker! It took some time to convince otherwise. Fortunately, everyone featured in this story were willing and open to share their secrets to success.”

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APRIL 2016

Author: Lavonne Leong

“Well, the future is a vast place, and right now it’s a burning topic. I think we just got a big reminder that politically, environmentally, many things are possible. So the future is huge. But feature stories need to be less than 3,500 words. I loved that Hawaii has an almost unknown-to-us, yet world-class group of futurists living here. There were so many compelling ideas about the future that I could only touch on, like geoengineering. Choosing ten things to say among the hundreds I could have said was really hard,” says senior writer, Lavonne Leong. “Everybody I interviewed for this piece, without exception, said things I hadn’t encountered before and that lingered with me long after the piece was done. I had fun talking to Richard Kaipo Lum about ‘the futurist’s curse.’ If you do your job right, what you’re talking about always seems crazy and marginal to other people. And then as soon as it turns into a pressing issue that everyone can see, and people are making tons of money on the lecture circuit about it–you have to move on. And then there was futurist Aubrey Yee’s quote about being mindful of what kind of future we’re creating: ‘If we’re not consciously, collectively creating our future, someone else is going to do it for us.’ That has definitely stayed with me.”

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Check back through the rest of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend as we reveal the rest of our Top 10 Stories as part of the Hawaii Business year in review.

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