Top 10 Stories of 2016

#8 and #7

November, 2016

Continuing the countdown of the top 10 stories of 2016 we look back at your rights as an employee and Native Hawaiians’ right to self-determination. Both of these features raised eyebrows, but they were great conversation starters. Read the writer’s perspectives below, reread the stories by clicking the link and take advantage of the special subscription offer below.



Photo by Aaron K. Yoshino

Photo by Aaron K. Yoshino

Author: LiAnne Yu

“The most challenging part (of writing this story) was understanding the legal language that is often used to describe workers’ rights, but explaining it in more everyday terms for people who aren’t lawyers. What researching this piece made me realize is that a lot of people may be signing contracts without fully understanding their rights. That makes it all the more imperative for workers to reach out to their Human Resources  teams or other experts to make sure they have support in deciphering what they are and are not entitled to,” explains contributing writer, LiAnne Yu. “Being originally from California, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that “family” is defined more broadly in Hawaii than it is at the federal level when it comes to taking time off to care for family members. Under the Hawaii Family Leave Law, the definition of family also includes parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law, grandchildren, and reciprocal beneficiaries – what are typically known in Hawaii as hanai family.”

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Author: Ilima Loomis

“This was an intimidating assignment, because I wanted to do justice to the diverse and nuanced range of opinions in the Native Hawaiian business community, and I knew I’d be called out if I got it wrong or failed to include major voices,” explains Loomis. “Honestly all the interviews were fascinating. Sovereignty and self-governance weren’t issues I’d had much experience covering in the past, so I was relatively new to the issue as a journalist, and many of the people I interviewed raised issues I had simply not considered before. They opened my eyes to the complexity of the issue that went far beyond what most of us think about when we think about Native Hawaiian self-governance. It gave me a new understanding of the issue and a respect for the challenge ahead.”

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