Top 10 Stories of 2016

#4 and #3

November, 2016

As we continue to countdown the top 10 stories of 2016 the following two stories are like “Star Wars” Episode IV: a new hope. We’re hoping that “Lodgers and Tax Dodgers” made everyone aware of the financial consequences this sharing-economy platform can have on the State. Furthermore, our annual list of “20 For the Next 20” highlights the leaders to watch in Hawaii as well as makes the rest of us hopeful for the future.



HB-YIR_4Author: Meghan Miner

“The Airbnb revolution is people’s own neighborhoods. It’s happening next door, down the street and some people are taking advantage of it by renting to tourists and other are being impact by their neighbors who are renting to tourists,” says editor, Steve Petranik. “The hotel industry has a valid objection to Airbnb and to rentals in similar websites. The hotels say they are paying their fair share of taxes and often these short-term rentals do not pay their fair share of taxes.”

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 #3 20 FOR THE NEXT 20 – CLASS OF 2016


HB-YIR_3Author: Hawaii Business magazine

“It was hard to tell who was more honored to be at the Hawaii Prince Hotel for the “20 For the Next 20,” the 18 honorees or audience,” says digital media director, Daniel Ikaika Ito. “There was a buzz in the air that night. It left all of those that attended the event inspired and hopeful for the coming two decades in Hawaii. The talent and diverse skill set of this year’s 20 For the Next 20 class was celebrated with enthusiasm and optimism by the approximately 250 people in attendance.”

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Check back through the rest of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend as we reveal the rest of our Top 10 Stories as part of the Hawaii Business year in review.

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