Class of 2014 in Pompeii. All Trinity Christian School seniors attend a two-week Grand Tour of Europe as a capstone to their classical education, visiting Athens, Pompeii, Rome, Florence, Paris, Normandy, and London.

Trinity Christian School

December, 2014
Stephen Sprague, Headmaster

Stephen Sprague, Headmaster

Trinity Christian School (TCS) is Oahu’s only classical Christian school. It is a fully-accredited, co-educational, college preparatory school serving 350 students PK-12. Its Christ-centered mission compels the school to do all things with excellence in service to their community.  Graduates are well equipped and inspired to thrive in college and subsequently shape cultures as professional, articulate and virtuous young men and women. The school hopes that many of its graduates will return to serve and lead the community of Hawaii from which they have come.

TCS follows the classical form of education rooted in the Western liberal arts tradition with the conviction that this best prepares students for life and leadership in a contemporary world.  The liberal arts derive their label from the Latin liber meaning “free.” A student who is then well-educated in the liberal arts will not be enslaved to a body of knowledge but rather equipped with the ‘tools of learning’ to freely pursue a career in virtually any field, whether it is law, medicine, engineering, business, or public service.

Following its classical method, TCS keeps the classrooms small (max 18) and augments with several teacher specialists. Its rigorous science and humanities program also integrates art, choir, drama, debate, sports, and foreign language including Latin. TCS provides after school extra-curricular activities, competitive sports (soccer, volleyball and basketball), and a homeschool extension program (grades 7-12).

Since expanding through twelfth grade, TCS has grown at a healthy rate. Pictured is its second graduating class during the annual two-week Grand Tour in Europe. All are now attending various colleges on the mainland and in Hawaii.

Headmaster Stephen Sprague said, “The aim of a Christian education is wise and virtuous adults able to discern truth, choose what is good, and beautifully express the reasons for those choices.  We believe an honest pursuit of these virtues of truth, goodness, and beauty finds ultimate fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ.  Our school recognizes the incredible responsibility that parents have in raising their children, and we are committed to partnering with them.”






875 Auloa Road
Kailua, HI 96734
Phone: (808) 262-8501

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