Vanity Affair

November, 2005

This month’s bathroom design story, “Baths Built for Two,” offers the best in his & her amenities. However, as I wrote this article, I realized the ridiculousness of my own bathroom situation.

For example, I don’t have a bathroom, per se. I have more of what I would call stations. Like circuit training, I spend X amount of time at each station. The bath is strictly for showering. Then I brush my teeth in the guest room, because it has a great view into Manoa Valley. Plus, I hide my toothbrush there, because ants apparently like wet bristles and the minty taste of AquaFresh. Then, I make several trips to the far corner of my bedroom, where the full-length mirror hangs on the backside of a door. Since the upstairs often gets hot, I then go downstairs to apply my makeup at the entryway’s mirror, under a crummy overhead light. Bath products dot the house, marking each station’s location. I often fantasize about having one nice, cool vanity, with a chair, lots of drawers and good lighting. A place where I could do the nightly and daily regime without having to run around the house.

I’m sure I’m not alone in the pursuit of decent bathroom space. And, I can’t imagine having to share my bath (or stations) with another. No matter how close we are to our families or partners, the bathroom remains a place where we all like to have our own space. For bathroom ideas and solutions, take a look at “Baths Built for Two,” which is full of luxury bath ideas divided by gender and function. Also, check out this month’s Fresh Ideas’ bath buddies here.

While we talk a lot about washing up in this issue, we also get a little dirty. This month’s special outdoor living article, “Growing Businesses,” features five successful, local landscapers. They share how their dreams and philosophies on life have helped to build their businesses from the ground up. Aptly, this outdoor living story falls in our November issue & harvest time. Time to give thanks and appreciation for all that we have & down to the bread on the table.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Correction: In last month’s Great Kitchen article, “New Beginnings,” the incorrect company was credited as the kitchen’s countertop fabricator. Hawaii Kitchen & Bath Inc. is the company that actually worked on the featured project. We regret the error.

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