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January, 2007

Why can’t the Dems find a viable gubernatorial candidate? Why do the Republicans keep losing bodies in the Legislature? We have their answers to these questions in our new department “Spin Zone.”

Managing Editor Jacy L. Youn oversees these pages, designed to create and stimulate dialogue on pressing issues of the day. While “Spin Zone” gives the two major political parties here a chance to speak their piece on a regular basis, we think that this format should give voice to others besides politicians and expect to bring many Hawaii leaders to the pages of “Spin Zone” later in the year.

This is just one of the exciting changes you will find in our first issue for 2007.

Want to find the perfect bottle of champagne or the latest golfing shoe? You will discover these and other great tips in our new department “HB Life.” Our Editor at Large David K. Choo will sift through such nuggets each month to bring you the best. We expect that after this issue, you’ll be flipping back for these hot tips, as well as to check out the latest place Dave has eaten at for “Dining with Dave.”

We have heard from many of you that international business leader and former governor George Ariyoshi’s column “Leadership Lessons” is a highlight. He continues to impart his sage advice, where he has relocated, before the aforementioned “HB Life.”

Want to know more about how to do business local style? AIG Hawaii President and Chief Executive Officer Robin Campaniano reveals these secrets and more in a fast moving Q & A with Senior Editor Scott Radway, appropriately named, “Talk Story.” We’ll be talking story with other business leaders and bringing you their thoughts in this way throughout the year. It should be an exciting ride for all of us.

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